"The UTM has so far proved very reliable and is more than powerful enough for our needs-both now and in the foreseeable future."

Ric Charlton, Baines School

"The service and support from Smoothwall have been excellent"

Eugene Cunningham, Banbridge Council

"Never have I seen service this good. They really cared about us. It's awesome!"

Vince Gonillo, Chittenden Central Supervisory Union

"The service we received from Smoothwall was excellent and we continue to be very impressed with them."

Alton Archibald, Gordon-Rushville Schools

"Smoothwall have been quick to react, this is our third year using the product and it has never been offline."

Marcus Spence, Hargreaves Services

"Smoothwall customer service is fantastic. Everyone is an expert and knows their products inside out."

Chris Withers, Headlands School

"Exceptional levels of support, always friendly and helpful"

Mike Lewis, Hereford Worcester Fire & Rescue

"It's nice to know that Smoothwall value and care about all their customers - whatever their size."

Neil Donald, Port of Leith Housing Association

“As your motto states, ‘The Web You Want’. In this case, it’s the web APL wants.”

Filipe Pedro, Port of Lisbon

"Support from Smoothwall is second to none - knowledgeable experts on the product."

Peter Burnett, Posturite

"Smoothwall support is second to none, their engineers are always friendly, always work out a solution and can answer any and every question."

Martin Moseley, Solihull School

"The support at all levels — from sales to installation — has been of the highest standard."

Nick Furnell, Transform Medical

"Service has been outstanding from day one"

Robert Barnes, Traveleads Ltd

"Smoothwall’s SWG has helped us manage bandwidth effectively, ensuring performance is not affected by streaming media." 

Dr. Ashish Bharadwaj, UPES

"Tech support has been very good. Their knowledge and courtesy are outstanding. They are willing to go the extra mile to resolve issues."

Bobby Thigpen, VT Specialized Vehicles Corp.

Skilled service engineers you can rely on

Real knowledge doesn't follow a script

Supporting and troubleshooting network deployments can be incredibly complex, and we know that our users need a capable, convenient and intelligent support system.

More than 40% of the enquiries we receive could be easily resolved using our new knowledgebase. Click here to see how to use it. 

You can reach support by calling 1-800-959-1261
Outside of the US call +44 (0) 800 5 999 041
or email [email protected]

If you do not have a service contract for your current Smoothwall installation and require assistance, please contact your account manager or reseller.