Web filtering provider Bloxx has been acquired by cloud services provider Akamai, speak to Smoothwall about a smooth transition before the end of renewals in 2016. 

This month our categorisation team have been working hard to improve the safe browsing of YouTube. 

"If there was ever a server that caught your eye in the data center, it’s Smoothwall’s. Their appliances are skillfully branded to create an out-of-the-box experience for customers and to keep the Internet security and content filtering company top of mind." -- MBX

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Yes, I know. We shouldn't really be particularly surprised that a legitimate site - even one the size of Yahoo - has ended up mistakenly serving some form of badware through their advertising networks. It’s not the first time. Yahoo hit the headli...

Fifteen years ago, Lawrence Manning, a co-founder of Smoothwall, sat in his front room putting the final touches on a prototype for a special kind of software. This week, we spent some time catching up with Lawrence as he ...

Being easily distracted has been a thorn in my side since Oldbury Park Primary School. I remember the day when mum and dad sat me down and read out my year 6 school report. Things were going so well, and then - boom - a comment from Mrs Horn that ...

Last week, I finally got around to writing about HideMyAss, and doing a spot of speculation about how other proxy anonymizers earn their coin. Almost immediately I hit "publish" I spotted this article pop up on Zdnet. Apparently/allegedly, Hola su...

Always with an eye for education, Smoothwall proudly unveils its newest hardware appliance: the S14. Designed to be compatible with 10Gbps networks, the S14 boasts a 50% improvement over the S12. 

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Smoothwall Brings in another Welsh Council deal. 

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Read about our recent expansion to our new facility in Fareham at Eagle Point.  

A proven leader in device filtering, Smoothwall has released Connect for Chromebooks, a new Chrome extension which combines seamless, single sign-on with content-aware web filtering to ensure centrally-managed device filtering from the moment a student logs on. Read Full Press Release Here 

Today we have released updates 88 and 89, which provide some minor fixes for the Arundel release.

Please click here to read the release notes.

In addition to content-aware, clientless filtering on and off site, Smoothwall now extends that convenience to BYOD. Using the 802.1x standard, Smoothwall creates a seamless, single sign-on experience.

Today the rollout for the Q1 2015 'Arundel' release has completed and is available to users of SWG, UTM and WAM products. Click here to read the full product update.

The update also includes a patch to remove the recent glibc GHOST vulnerability (CVE-2015-0235). During testing, externally-facing Smoothwall services were not found to be vulnerable to this exploit, but this patch will now remedy the issue entirely.

Smoothwall takes student data and privacy serious by signing the Student Privacy Pledge.

Surfing breaks during work time could improve productivity and employee satisfaction says new research.

Anonline survey suggests that parents may be in the dark over their kids’ cyber activity.


TorrentLocker and Vawtrak now setting their sights on the UK.

Following the European Court ruling last month, Europeans now have the right to be forgotten online. Irrelevant and outdated links on search engines must now be removed upon request.

4th and 5th grade students at an elementary school in Illinois, US, access pornographic content whilst on the school network.

A recent study has found that 85% of teachers believe child internet safety should be part of the national curriculum.

US ISPs may soon be given the go ahead to charge for a new fast lane data service.


Londoners agree to sign over their first-born child, in exchange for free Wi-Fi in alarming results to a new study.

Detectives are investigating a student at Pasco-Hernando State College for allegedly hacking his peers’ accounts.

Smoothwall is proud to join ‘Friendly WiFi’, the world’s first accreditation scheme designed to verify whether a providers’ public Wi-Fi service meets the required level of filtering set by the UK Government to block out access to pornographic and child abuse websites.

Over the next three years, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Cisco and Amazon will support the maintenance of OpenSSL and other crucial Open Source software.


As more companies worldwide are embracing BYOD within their businesses, the security risks involved with having such policies are increasing.

Smoothwall win the contract to support the 5,000 users of Worcestershire County Council with real-time web filtering solutions  

Are you putting your home at risk by posting while you're away?

Google has now removed their 'NoSSLSearch' functionality. Read on for information of what your options are if you're filtering Google searches without HTTPS inspection.

The rollout of "Shellshock" patch 'Main 79' has now been complete and is avilable to all Smoothwall customers.

According to Cisco research, Youtube, Amazon and Yahoo! are among 74 websites displaying advertisements riddled with adware and spyware.

Under 18s caught “sexting” (texting sexually explicit pictures) could face prosecution a police officer has warned.

As few as 4% of UK Broadband customers have chosen to install “child friendly” filtering.

Social media use at work is oftencontentious, with opinions divided about whether it’s good or bad for business.


Reports of the infamous CryptoLocker ransomware's demise may have been exaggerated.

Apps such as Whisper and Secret allow users to post comments on the sites without revealing their identity, but critics argue that they encourage malicious behaviour.


A survey by Forrester reveals that 46% of SMB and Enterprise organisations surveyed plan to increase their spend on network security, with top investment expected on firewalls and malware detection.

With a summer of sport fast approaching, it’s inevitable that office workers will want to be in on the action.

Microsoft has revealed that Internet Explorer users are at risk of allowing hackers to remotely execute code on vulnerable systems. 

On 7th-8th May Smoothwall will be at the SETT exhibition in Stockholm, Sweden.

The UK’s Federation of Small Businesses reports that in the last year one in three members has been a victim of cyber-crime. The report looks at issues of fraud and online crime based on a 6,500 strong panel survey.

A Twitter campaign by NYPD meant to improve community relations has backfired. The #myNYPD hashtag was reportedly hijacked with tweets containing photos of officers in hostile situations.

NASUWT has revealed that 1 in 5 teachers have had abusive comments written about them on social networks.

Next week sees the Smoothwall team heading to Earl’s Court London for Europe’s biggest Information security event: Infosecurity 2014.

Visit us on stand L50 for a product demo!

Symantec's latest global Internet Security Threat Report has revealed a 91% increase in cyber-attacks (2012 - 2013).

On April 7th the IWF released its Annual Charity report for 2013. The report highlights some alarming trends.

Web Filtering and Security firm Smoothwall says that interest in techniques for covering traces may be growing and warns organisations to ensure that they are able to manage this threat.

Recent wins with Cardiff and Swansea councils help to build our presence in Wales

There are signs that politicians are starting to grasp the enormity of the task of providing safe internet access.

International schools and universities are reported to be using Twitter to improve literacy, language and project management. Users of social networks need to be aware of some of the potential pitfalls.

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Will the move to track illegal downloads through ISPs work in the UK when it failed in France?

Britain's organizations are seeing rising numbers of sophisticated cyber attacks says GCHQ


Delivering safe and appropriate web access on diverse Council-controlled networks

Smoothwall's Corporate Sales team have recently won a series of high profile international contracts.

Smoothwall speaks to SC Magazine about whether or not the Government would be sensible to impose web filtering at ISP level.

Nicholas McAvaney from the Press Association speaks to Smoothwall's Gavin Logan about dangers facing online shoppers.

Whilst instant internet access at home, work or even in coffee shops and on trains is something most people now take for granted, for many network managers the growing popularity of smart phones, tablets and other portable devices is causing a major headache.

A few resources to help teach school children password protection skills.

Dian Schaffhauser writing in the Journal picked up on a story about students using UltraSurf to bypass the school's web filtering and security systems.

We recently took a moment to speak with some of our education sector customers, to find out just how much of a factor BYOD has proven to be in their network.

When you're young and in love (remember that?) what could be more romantic than share your most treasured online possession - your password?

International Channel Manager Jamie Moore looks forward to Smoothwall's channel business in 2013