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07 Mar 2016

Smoothwall Releases An Alerts-Based Safeguarding Reporting Mechanism

Smoothwall Releases An Alerts-Based Safeguarding Reporting Mechanism to help Schools address Government and Ofsted Mandates

This week sees Smoothwall release its alert-based Safeguarding reports that notify school safeguarding teams when students are engaged in risky or dangerous online behaviour.

A caveat:  Framlingham is now available on early release, with full roll-out to all Smoothwall customers coming soon.

Available to current web filtering customers as part of the Framlingham product release, the reports are designed to facilitate the effective provisioning of safeguarding in school environments, and address legal mandates set out by the UK Government including the Prevent Duty and Keeping Children Safe Online – draft legislation due to come into effect in September 2016.

Safeguarding reporting enables Systems Administrators at schools and colleges to generate meaningful analysis on search terms entered and URLs accessed over various timeframes, to establish user activity that has breached one or many of 7 out-of-the-box rulesets: radicalisation, suicide, abuse, substance abuse, bullying, criminal activity and adult content.

Category rulesets are linked to Smoothwall’s existing web filter categories, and each category has a severity assigned to it.

Reporting in this way helps schools to meet increased safeguarding obligations outlined in the UK Government’s Prevent Duty while also generating evidence that can be used by school leaders in their next Ofsted inspection to demonstrate compliance.

“Many schools are still in a state a flux when it comes to understanding what policy makers and regulators require from a safeguarding perspective because the law surrounding is constantly evolving”, says Head of Product, Phil Smith.

“This latest safeguarding enhancement coupled with further safeguarding specific developments planned for 2016 will go a long way towards helping our customers meet their safeguarding obligations now and in the future; these enhancements also demonstrate our ability to be proactive and respond to the challenges of educators.”

Following the roll-out of safeguarding reports that monitor search terms and URLs, the next phase of development will extend the reporting functionality to include instant messaging and social media reporting.

In addition to the outlined safeguarding enhancements, Smoothwall’s existing customers can expect Framlingham to include a new directory type for Chromebooks that allows users to be filtered based on their Google Apps group membership without the need to link to Google via an Active Directory.

Like what you hear? Sign up today for the early release Framlingham update.

Not quite ready but want to learn more; check out a demo of the new safeguarding reporting system, and send your questions or feedback to [email protected]

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