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16 Feb 2018

Best-of-breed solutions to help NHS organisations comply with CQC cyber security standards

Last week, NHS Digital announced that trusts assessed for cyber security vulnerabilities had in fact failed to meet updated standards from the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The WannaCry attack in May 2017 disrupted services at 80 trusts and hundreds of GP practices, resulting in the cancellation of thousands of appointments and operations across the UK. The attack prompted the CQC to introduce revised cyber security standards, and have since been conducting unannounced visits across trusts to determine whether organisations comply.

After holding on-site assessments at 200 out of the 236 UK trusts, it has become apparent that all have failed to meet the new standards. This incident has highlighted that cyber security within the NHS needs rigorous reprioritisation and that an apparent change in "mindset" is required to prioritise meeting the threat of future attacks. I

n a bid to counter the failing standards, it has been revealed that at least £175m of central funding will be diverted from other NHS technology projects; the first £25m will be spent this year to help trusts assess their vulnerabilities to a cyberattack, with the remainder being spent over the next four years to improve each trusts' IT systems and central agencies' ability to detect and respond to threats. In addition to this, organisations will need to commit local capital and revenue funding to maintain and refresh their IT estates.

Maximise security with a multi-layered approach

In order to improve your security systems, Smoothwall recommends the adoption of a multi-layered approach. Sourcing individual best-of-breed solutions from specialist providers helps increase security in all areas where malware could enter the network, enhancing your ability to detect any threats or breaches compared to using one single solution. In many cases this not only proves to be more affordable, but also allows you to tailor the best security solution to suit the needs of your organisation. 

Best-of-breed web security which meets your needs

Smoothwall is the fastest growing, dedicated web filtering provider in UK Healthcare, currently protecting over 500,000 staff split across 37 NHS trusts and 2 CSU's. Our solution is favoured by the healthcare sector because of it's real-time content aware analysis which scans the contents of a page for unwanted material, ensuring harmful content is out of reach for all users.

Using granular categorisation, bandwidth management and guest Wi-Fi capabilities, our solution allows you to tailor a user's web browsing experience whilst prioritising business critical services. As our solutions are designed around the unique needs of the UK public sector, we actively work with each organisation to fully understand your requirements, helping to create a bespoke solution that is right and works for you.

To find out how Smoothwall can provide you with a best-of-breed, tailored and cost-effective solution, contact one of our Healthcare Specialists today.

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