Our solutions can be deployed separately or combined for a complete digital provision that’s easy to use and efficient to manage.

Smoothwall Filter

Allows you to review and control what employees see online without imposing unreasonable restrictions.

Smoothwall Monitor

Flags incidents or concerns as they happen. Alerts you when users manifest at-risk behaviours.

Our clients

Companies come to us and stay with us. They depend on our technologies to maintain digital wellbeing across their organisations.

Jennings Motor Group
Shearline Engineering
James Durrans Group

We've been with Smoothwall for over 3 years and when it came to our recent renewal, we were that happy I didn't look elsewhere. For us, Smoothwall does everything and more!

Group IT Manager
Jennings Motor Group

The overall manageability and visibility of the system is absolutely invaluable to me.

IT Manager
Shearline Precision Engineering

About Smoothwall

Smoothwall for Business

Smoothwall was founded in 2000 on a simple but powerful concept: to provide the best digital safety solutions in the world. We pioneered our first open source firewall and quickly expanded into Filtering and Monitoring. 

Two decades later we are an award-winning organisation supporting over 4 million users and partners in more than 60 countries around the world. 

Our solutions are both innovative and dependable. They are engineered to address the safety and well-being of users, the deployment needs of IT teams and the productivity goals of organisational leaders.

They are designed to keep our customers one step ahead in the evolving world of digital safety. It’s a deep expertise our customers depend on and a trajectory of excellence we intend to continue.

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