Digitally safeguard your workforce with no compromise.

Driving towards a cloud-first strategy is becoming the prime objective for many corporates.
A key challenge for cloud-only filter solutions is they often do not have dynamic content capability. Speed of access via the cloud is a benefit that takes precedence over high filter performance.

Not so with Smoothwall. We are the pioneers of dynamic, content aware filtering. We carry all of our best in class filtering capability straight to the cloud allowing you to safeguard a distributed and mobile workforce with no compromises. Helping to keep your on-premise footprint to a minimum.

Key features

real time content

Real-time content analysis

Does not rely on popular, and often out of date, URL block lists. Categorises new and existing web content appropriately in real-time by analysing the content, context and construction of each page.

On-offsite protection

On/offsite protection

Can filter managed, offsite devices. Our filtering does not rely on a backhaul through corporate data centres. Users are free to use public WiFi without VPN and still have the same levels of filtering protection.

Full incident reporting

Reports on 100% of the data created. This helps build a full contextual picture of any incident.

social media controls


Uses a simple authentication process to facilitate smooth access from anywhere, and user tracking.


Unlimited accessibility

Access to the management portal from any device, any time anywhere in the world.

Simplified configuration

Easy to configure and less likely to fail. Analyses content in real-time without the need to add onpremise additions including man-in-the-middle decryption, certificates or exceptions.

Social media controls

Flexible tools allows read-only access and the ability to remove inappropriate content across social media sites.

real time content


Easily expands or contracts depending on.

Social Media Controls


Choose from cloud, on-premise, or hybrid deployments and so stay compatible with the needs of your technology environment.

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