Digitally safeguard your workforce with no compromise.

Driving towards a cloud and hybrid strategy is becoming a prime objective for many corporates. The flexibility to do filtering both on-site and off-site with minimal hardware investment is attractive to businesses of all sizes. A key challenge for flexible filtering solutions is they often do not have dynamic content capability.

Not so with Smoothwall. We are the pioneers of dynamic, content-aware filtering. We carry all of our best in class filtering capability whether cloud, on-premise or hybrid allowing you to safeguard a distributed and mobile workforce with no compromises.

Key features

real time content

Real-time content analysis

Categorises new and existing web content appropriately in real-time by analysing the content, context and construction of each page. Does not rely on URL blocklists that quickly become outdated.

Who, what, where, when

Granular controls allow you to build web filtering policies based on user or user group, content category, time, location IP, subnet and hostname for mobile devices and laptops.

Easy management

Intelligently manage and allocate bandwidth to minimise the impact of media and file sharing, without the need to fully block services.


Offer public Wi-Fi filtering and filter guest mobile devices securely on your network across all platforms.


Choose which deployment method works best for you: on-premise, cloud or hybrid.

Full incident reporting

Generate reports to view the activity of individuals and groups, and enable automatic reports.

Social media controls

Flexible tools allows read-only access and the ability to remove inappropriate content across social media sites.

HTTPS Filtering

Filter Secure Socket Layer (SSL) traffic, including secure anonymous proxies.

Multi-OS Support

Available on Chrome OS, Windows, macOS and iOS devices.

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