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of teachers rely on children to alert them to cyberbullying issues


of children would actually confide in a teacher if they were being cyberbullied


of teachers admit they need more support to deal with cyberbullying concerns

The Evolution of Cyberbullying

Following our publication of The Digital Curriculum report in 2017, Smoothwall found that cyberbullying was the biggest concern by teachers (66%) with a year on year rise of 37%. Over 500 teachers had their say regarding online bullying concerns and other safeguarding issues in the classroom. Now, we’re speaking to teachers, pupils and parents to compare the results and understand the rapid evolution of cyberbullying, including the disparity in the perception of the problem from children to adults.

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of children have experienced online bullying or abuse


of children know someone else who has been bullied online


of parents are aware that their child has been bullied online


Parents are unaware their children are being cyberbullied

Our research highlights that whilst over half (55%) of children have admitted to experiencing cyberbullying, less than one fifth (20%) of parents believe their child has fallen victim. Parents and teachers both need better awareness of the issues and tools to help manage the problem.

Parents believe more lessons around online safety need to be taught in schools


Teachers believe parents need to be better educated about social media and technology


Addressing the problem

Our survey found that children will often feel upset, angry, anxious and insecure when suffering from online abuse, and 37% of children admit to keeping their problems to themselves. 69% of parents believe they would notice a change in behaviour if their child was being bullied, yet only 19% of parents believe their child has suffered abuse online, even though the results from children reveal this is much higher. 29% of parents believe that cyberbullying has a long term, negative effect on children.


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