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26 Feb 2016

How protected are your children from online bullying?

Cyber bullying is an ever evolving form of bullying which can take place in many forms, e.g emotional abuse, non-verbal abuse and trolling, etc.

This is where a person will often victimise another by either posting abusive comments on their pictures, or use instant messaging to target offensive comments to people.

A recent survey for CBBC Newsround, Source:, suggests 71% of children express that their social media accounts make them happy, however of children asked said that they had witnessed forms of cyberbullying and of those had also received a form of cyber bullying towards themselves.

This can be very damaging to a child's confidence, self esteem and mental state and is a contributing factor as to why so many children decide to take their own life.  

Did you know?

 There were 7,296 counselling sessions with young people who talked to ChildLine about online bullying and safety last year.  Source: NSPCC (2015) "Always there when I need you": ChildLine review: what's affected children in April 2014 - March 2015.

What can you as schools do to help and prevent?

Using Smoothwall’s Secure Web Gateway (SWG) Filter will enable Real-Time filtering and the ability to restrict and control what is posted onto the web from your network. Y

ou will have the ability to manage social posts with content awareness, and remove links which stop children being able to comment with abusive content. This will restore peace of mind in knowing children in your care are protected against online threats such as Cyber Bullying.

To get in touch and request a free 30 day trial please Click here.

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