Would you like to improve your web filtering and firewall without losing your existing broadband connectivity?

Now you can.

Does your school receive web filtering and firewall as part of a centrally procured broadband provision?

Centrally procured, high-speed broadband often comes bundled with some form of web filtering and firewall. Web filtering and firewall are a crucial part of your
school’s digital safeguarding. Keeping your school compliant with the ever tighter regulations around digital safeguarding is not only an Ofsted requirement,
the safety and wellbeing of your students depend on it.

Your school is unique

Every school has its own student culture, and its only safeguarding challenges, processes and procedures. It is critical that your filtering and firewall are aligned with your unique circumstances.

Your school should understand, choose and interact with its safeguarding technology in a way that feels right for you. That includes reporting, alerts, delegation of control, reassurance of regulatory knowledge, and other factors.

Your digital safeguarding strategy should be unique

Choosing a technology partner that addresses your student culture, safeguarding challenges, resources, current strengths and weaknesses – not just now but over the long term – is important to keeping everyone digitally safe and healthy. 

Choosing your technology partner is an important decision. It should never be a tick in a box. 


Our filtering comes bundled with other things like broadband. I don’t truly know if it’s the best fit for us. I don’t even know that much about the company who provides it. I’d prefer a direct and closer relationship. There’s too much at stake to get this wrong.

Bundled local authority provision

Broadband connectivity and web filtering with Smoothwall

Improve your safeguarding, reduce your costs

Replace your current filter and firewall with best in class solutions from Smoothwall.
when you’re ready, upgrade to monitoring and classroom management too for extra savings.

Why change to Smoothwall?

  • Smoothwall is the no1 safeguarding technology provider in UK Education.
  • We are a British company 100% dedicated to Education. 
  • 1 in 3 schools depend on our technology to keep their school compliant and their students safe.
  • Pioneers of real-time content-aware filtering we give your students protection from harmful content without over-blocking.
  • You will benefit from a UK support desk capable of assisting your school, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
  • We have a product and technology roadmap to keep your school compliant and your staff and students digitally happy and healthy for years to come.
  • We take time to understand your needs now and know how changing regulations will impact you.
  • Our software engineers, support teams, online safety experts, sales teams, marketers and administrators are all full time, directly employed staff, working side by side from our UK headquarters in Leeds.
  • Our skills combine to provide the very best safeguarding provision for UK schools, across Filtering, Firewall, Monitoring and Classroom Management.

What’s next?

Benefit from cost savings by switching to Smoothwall for your filtering and firewall.
And when you’re ready, enjoy further cost savings on our digital monitoring and classroom management solutions too.

If you would like to explore in more detail get in touch below. We’d love to talk.

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