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The use of all Smoothwall products is subject to software licence. As Smoothwall products include third party Open Source components, Smoothwall developed components and some products include third party components that are not Open Source, multiple licences apply. The licence used by an Open Source software component is decided by the original authors, which in the case of components used by Smoothwall is normally the GNU General Public Licence Version 2 (GPL) or the Lesser General Public Licence (LGPL). All Open Source components developed by Smoothwall Ltd. are licenced under the GNU General Public Licence Version 2.

Smoothwall Software Licences

Our software includes code from the Smoothwall Open Source Project and open source packages from other third-parties, the copyright for such code remains with the original authors.

The Smoothwall Software Licence can be found here

Third Party Licences

Component of our software that come from Open Source projects are provided under on of two licence types

GNU Public Licence Version 2 (GPL) view it here

GNU Lesser Public Licence (LGPL) view it here

As required by the GPL, a list of all Open Source components used and where they may be downloaded from can be found here

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