Help students to build resiliency and
become better digital citizens

Today, students face wellbeing struggles, intensified by the impacts
of negative online behaviours and interactions.

Smoothwall Learning helps students overcome
challenges they face online.
Designed by safeguarding experts,
it gives students essential skills to navigate the digital landscape in
a more considered way by:

  • Helping them to become better digital citizens
  • Encouraging greater resiliency online
  • Giving them skills to self-regulate their behaviours

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Give students the knowledge to stay safe and well in their digital lives

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Developed by digital safety experts

Modules are created by specialist teachers, learning experts and clinical psychologists to support the National Curriculum framework.


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Age appropriate courses

Course content for individual year groups aged
7-11 yrs (in school years 3-6). Tailored to student learning needs at different stages.


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Comprehensive learning pillars

Includes six learning pillars to help promote online safety skills. Examples include; Wellbeing, Privacy, Information and Safety, Digital Footprint and Identity.

Easy course access, anytime

Modules can be independently completed via desktop or tablet device, at a time that works with other learning requirements.

Comprehension check

At the end of each module, teachers can use final assessments to help consolidate student learning and identify any remaining knowledge gaps.

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Gamification, learner paced program

Students complete three modules annually, when one module is completed, another one is unlocked. A certificate is given upon completion to recognise their success.


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