Real-time web filter for education

While some web filters claim to be real-time, they often work off lists that are refreshed periodically. But harmful content goes live every minute of the day. And it remains accessible to students until the list is refreshed – leaving them vulnerable.

But at Smoothwall, we don’t rely on block lists alone. With an additional layer of protection, our intelligent web filter analyses a page’s content, context and construction to spot dangerous content and block it immediately. This unique content filtering ensures there is no gap between harmful content being published, and our ability to block it. With Smoothwall’s web filter, your students are protected at all times.

Shield your students from harm

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Web and content filtering for schools, colleges and MATs

The challenge for any educational organisation is to keep students safe, without compromising their ability to access the web, and the rich, dynamic learning experience they can have. With Smoothwall’s web filter, you can protect students with real-time filtering that blocks out harmful content but doesn’t restrict their freedom to learn.

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Real-time dynamic content analysis

Our intelligent web filter categorises new and existing web content appropriately in real-time by analysing the content, context and construction of each page.

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The built-in safeguarding reporting suite notifies you of any safeguarding risk against 7 category rule sets including radicalisation, suicide and self-harm.

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Social media controls

Go beyond just web filtering, with flexible tools that allow read-only access and the ability to remove inappropriate content across social media sites.

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Solve the challenge of pupils using their own devices. Offer public Wi-Fi filtering, and filter guest mobile devices securely on your network across all platforms.

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Multi-OS Support

Our web filtering solution is available on Chrome OS, Windows, macOS, and iOS devices.

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HTTPS Filtering

Detect harmful or malicious content, and filter Secure Socket Layer (SSL) web traffic, including secure anonymous proxies.

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Who, What, Where, When

Build tailored policies based on user group, content category, time, location IP, subnet and hostname for mobile devices and laptops.

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Easy management

Intelligently manage and allocate bandwidth to minimise the impact of media and file sharing, without the need to fully block services.

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Granular reports

Generate reports to view the activity of individuals and groups and enable automatic reports.

What our customers say

See how Frederick Gough School improved learning and safety with web filtering from Smoothwall in this short video:

Smoothwall’s web filter – UK education’s No.1

Smoothwall’s web filter keeps students safe online, without restricting their learning, as part of a total digital safeguarding solution.

— 100% focused on UK education

— The only genuine real-time web filter for education

— Exceeds KCSIE and Ofsted requirements 

— Flexible approach to deployment – cloud, hybrid, on-premise

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Web Filtering in Education
Are you having the Cloud, On-premise or Hybrid debate?

Download our free whitepaper to explore the differences and advantages of on-premise and cloud-based web filtering, and to help you choose the right deployment strategy for your school.


Web filtering in the post-pandemic age

Web filtering in the post-pandemic age

In this paper, we explore key learnings over the past year and offer a practical road map to help ITs future proof their web filtering provision.


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