The Hybrid Filter that leaves no one behind.

Introducing the safest, smartest, most secure hybrid filter from Smoothwall.

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Smoothwall Filter Dashboard

What’s your challenge?

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Inconsistent filtering in the cloud v on premise?

Most devices, (including iPads), whether on-premise or cloud, are protected with
100% genuine real-time, content-aware filtering. Same location, same devices,
same best-in-class filtering capability. No compromises.

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Time / budget constraints?

A single dashboard view lets you see and manage any unfiltered devices – instantly.
Whilst built-in SSL inspection also eradicates the time and cost of MITM licenses.
It comes with optional firewall too which means you can streamline your vendors and points of contact.

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Some devices not compatible with cloud?

With Smoothwall Hybrid Filter you’ll benefit from our device agnostic on-premise appliance, with the real-time, agile deployment of our cloud infrastructure. Providing coverage for all devices, anywhere and managed from a single dashboard.

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Data loss?

Even the cloud is not immune to outages and data loss. Logs are therefore stored
on-premise and in the cloud for added security and easy access in the event of a hosting interruption. The risk of data loss is minimal.

Want to go full cloud but don’t want to
leave your on-premise environment?

You don’t have to. Smoothwall Hybrid Filter lets you manage remote
and on-premise devices centrally, ensure seamless best-in-class
filtering throughout and benefit from advanced, accessible reporting.
No compromises.

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Smoothwall Architect to find out more.

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Concerned about filtering on
DfE supplied devices?

Though the Cisco umbrella provided a very basic, non-education
focused filter, its termination in 2022 will, nonetheless, leave a gap in remote provision for many schools. Smoothwall Hybrid Filter addresses that gap directly with a single, ‘one fits all’ solution, with full reporting and designed entirely for UK education.

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Has the pandemic left you with
two filters to manage?

Address that now with Smoothwall Hybrid Filter. One best-in-class
filter that seamlessly protects remote, on-premise and legacy devices
from a single dashboard. Save time, save money and protect students
to the same highest standard, wherever they are.

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