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Independent Schools
Digital Safety Leaders

Independent schools have several unique factors that make high standards
of online safety vitally important.

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DSLs in Independent Schools
face key concerns when it comes to digital safety:

Privacy, parental expectations, reputation, loco parentis and out of hours, bring your own device and peer pressure, all make digital safeguarding a complex matter in an independent school.

Online dangers are not going away. In fact the number of high profile cases of cyberbullying and drugs involving independent schools are on the rise.

By adopting a child centred approach to safeguarding DSLs can make great strides in ensuring students and staff are protected at every digital touch-point.

Best of breed

A premium education requires premium technology but not at a premium price. Smoothwall offers worldclass digital safety alongside some fantastic cost saving initiatives.


Smoothwall's solutions are designed to exceed the requirements, guidelines and recommendations of Ofsted and ISI.


We help our DSLs not only avoid reputational risk but become a beacon of outstanding practice in their digital safety policies and practices.

Resources for Digital Safety Leaders

See some dedicated content below. Don’t forget to check out our full library in the Resources Hub for Safety Leaders.

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Digital safety excellence in an independent school
The 6 key components every DSL needs to know.

Designed to guide you through a robust online safety infrastructure that will help keep your students protected, your inspection bodies happy and your reputation intact. Download our free whitepaper to learn more.


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How to improve digital resilience in pupils
The value of an open approach

How to improve the resilience of Independent school pupils with an open approach to online safety. Learn more.

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Proactive digital Monitoring
What is it, why do you need it? 

What is monitoring, why do Ofsted require it, and how can you integrate it into a busy safeguarding strategy? Download your free copy.


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Proactive digital Monitoring in the Independent School:
A crucial component in maintaining academic excellence

How can Proactive Digital Monitoring help Independent Schools transform academic performance and student outcomes? Read our blog to find out more.

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Online safety – A best practice guide
For the whole Independent School community

Learn which technical aspects you should consider when implementing a comprehensive online safety infrastructure that protects the whole school community.

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Substance abuse and County Lines
Know the signs

How Independent School teachers can identify the signs of substance abuse and uncover those at risk with digital monitoring. Learn more.

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Self-harm in Independent Schools
How to spot the signs of risk

Learn the key indicators Independent School teachers should look out for and how the use of Digital Monitoring can help spot the signs of risk..

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