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Independent schools can become a beacon of excellence in digital safety.

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Not all digital safety solutions
are suitable for the independent school environment

To properly safeguard students, ensure compliance, and fulfil parental and stakeholder expectations your digital safety technology must perform on multiple levels.

It must be capable of protecting students across a broad range of ages and nationalities. It must cater for a diverse mix of device types. And be appropriate for students with 24/7 Wi-Fi access from their own devices. It must strike a balance between giving students the freedom to learn as part of a world class education with the duty of care to protect their wellbeing.

Unless your provider has a deep expertise in the education sector, their solutions may not be properly tooled for your unique environment. This puts your students, teachers, school, network and reputation at risk.

Smoothwall are experts in digitally safeguarding independent schools. Our solutions were built from the ground up to deal with unique educational demands. They can be used standalone or combined to provide a full digital safety infrastructure.

Independent school focus

Unless your vendor has deep expertise in your unique environment, your students, teachers, network and reputation could be exposed to risk.

Flexible policy controls

Smoothwall's solutions deal with the Who, What, Where and When protection needed by the diverse population, devices, geography, timings within a private school.


It's vital to ensure students can safely connect their own smartphones, tablets and laptops to the school wireless network including recreational internet access in boarding houses.

Resources for Tech Leaders in Independent Schools

See some dedicated content below. Don’t forget to check out our full library in the Resources Hub for Tech  Leaders.

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Web filtering in an independent school
The 7 imperatives IT leaders need to know

A free whitepaper to guide IT Leaders through the 7 key imperatives they need to know when choosing a web filter suitable for an Independent school environment.


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Premium vs basic web filtering
What’s the difference and does it matter?

How can you tell the difference between a web filter that is suitable for a corporate environment and those suitable for premium education? Find out here.

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Flexible Web Filtering Policy
Who, What, Where, When

How can a flexible web filtering policy provide a premium solution for independent schools? Read our article to learn more.

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Web Filtering in Education
Are you having the Cloud, On-premise or Hybrid debate?

This free guide explores the differences and advantages of on-premise and cloud-based web filtering. Download your free copy.


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Web filtering and the RIPA
Is your filter logging sufficient?

When it comes to web filtering and the RIPA, is your filter logging sufficient enough to satisfy any law enforcement enquiries? Find out here.

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Choosing a web filter  is  no  longer an isolated  job

Learn which ‘close relatives’ and allies you should consider when ensuring your filtering is as effective as it can be.

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