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Multi-Academy Trusts
Digital Safety Leaders

Child safety, compliance, education, cost savings are all challenges for
a DSL in a Multi-Academy Trust.

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DSLs in a Multi-Academy Trust face some
unique digital safety challenges.

Though many safeguarding duties are delegated to the Local Governing Body (LGB) of each academy, the MAT is still responsible to ensure these duties are being carried out correctly.

A weakness in safeguarding practice at one academy can impact on the reputation of the entire MAT. If it does, it may not be so easy to repair.

At Smoothwall we support DSLs in MATs to feel confident that their academies have the wherewithal to ensure compliant digital safeguarding practices. As well as providing pioneering solutions we help build knowledge and understanding across the entire digital safeguarding picture.

Child safety excellence

We help MAT DSLs adopt high, centralised standards and become a beacon in online safety excellence.


Non or weak compliance risks child safety, a poorer Ofsted rating and a damaged reputation. We work with DSLs to exceed your obligations across all areas.


Parts of the digital safety landscape reside within IT. Our goal is to breakdown the those barriers and equip non-technical DSLs with the knowledge they need.

Resources for MAT Digital Safety Leaders

See some dedicated content below. Don’t forget to check out our full library in the Resources Hub for Safety Leaders.

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How to Achieve Digital Safety Excellence Across a Multi-Academy Trust

Free whitepaper designed to guide you through a robust online safety infrastructure that will help keep your students protected, your trust compliant and your reputation intact.


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How can a proactive monitoring solution improve safeguarding in your MAT and save DSL time?

Discover how a proactive monitoring solution can help raise your safeguarding standards and protect from dangerous incidents occurring.

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Black and white image of school children in a classroom with computers and monitors

How can Multi-Academy Trusts improve learning outcomes in the digital classroom?

Do you want to know how technology can enable lessons to be as outstanding as planned? This article explores the importance of having effective technologies within your schools.

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Proactive digital monitoring
A complete guide to proactive digital monitoring for
multi-academy trusts

What is monitoring, why do Ofsted require it, and how can you integrate it into a busy safeguarding strategy? Download your free copy.


Image of student and teacher looking at open books

How can digital record keeping help Multi-Academy Trusts to improve safeguarding?

Discover how digital record management solutions can keep your academies safer and give you a full overview of safeguarding activity across your Trust.

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How can MATs identify students at risk of involvement in County Lines and gang violence?

Learn how proactive digital monitoring can be used to identify students at risk of involvement in County Lines and gang violence.

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