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Digital Safety Leaders

We couldn’t develop our products without the input of the thousands of DSLs who use our solutions every day and in turn we help them to stay one step ahead of the ever growing world of digital safety.

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As each year passes the expectation on the DSL to keep pupils safe from harm is increasing. This brings with it key challenges. Not least of which is keeping ahead of government guidance and policy changes in response to the ever-evolving world of digital safety. It’s a ceaseless task.

While some DSLs can focus 100% of their time to the job, many more are juggling the responsibilities with those of teaching or deputy leadership. But in all cases, it’s a role that exposes those who undertake it to emotional strain.

We help by developing products and services to meet their needs and by making available practical guidance, insights and case studies.

Collaboration is key.

Digital monitoring

Our Monitoring solutions are a crucial virtual assistant for our DSLs, informing them if a student tries to view or type content that may indicate risk to them or others such as violence, suicide, self-harm or inappropriate use of school resources.

Safeguard Record-Keeping

Our record management solution allows teachers and DSLs to easily record child protection issues and safeguarding incidents electronically without the need for traditional daybooks or CP files.


We publish papers, articles, guides and case studies on all areas of digital safety pertinent to the DSL. It’s a practical and free bank of resources that’s continually growing.

Resources for Digital Safety Leaders

See some dedicated content below. Don’t forget to check out our full library in the Resources Hub for Safety Leaders.

Digital monitoring
A complete guide to digital monitoring for schools

What is monitoring, why do Ofsted require it, and how can you integrate it into a busy safeguarding strategy? Download your free copy.


Digital Safety and Ofsted
14 questions Ofsted may ask during an inspection and why

Monitoring can have an impact on many different aspects when it comes to an Ofsted inspection. Discover some of the questions you could be asked.

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Web filtering statutory requirements and guidelines
Refresh your knowledge

When reviewing your web filtering it’s a good idea to revisit the statutory requirements and guidelines to ensure you stay up to date. Learn more.

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Benchmarking your digital safeguarding
How to create an improvement strategy for Ofsted

A practical guide for school leaders and anyone responsible for safeguarding. Download your free copy.


Digital monitoring and budgets
How to prepare your case for funding

A step by step guide for anyone responsible for ensuring a compliant monitoring provision within schools. Free whitepaper download.


Social media and anxiety
What DSLs can do to help

Research from Ditch the Label suggests it is. This article explores how social media impacts young people and what we can all do to help.

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