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Protect your student devices beyond the school gates with Smoothwall.

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Cloud Filter for schools, colleges and MATs

Smoothwall Cloud Filter takes Smoothwall’s robust web filtering and moves it out of the server room and onto your managed devices, giving you peace of mind that devices are filtered 24/7, both in school and at home.

Gain genuine 100%
real-time content filtering

Achieve real-time, content-aware filtering without the complexity of man-in-the-middle decryption, certificates or exceptions.

Remove the hardware

Eliminate single points of failure and make your filtering more reliable and scalable by removing physical on-premise servers.

Extend student protection

Filter all managed devices, whether on or off-site, to ensure students’ online safety is extended beyond the classroom and into their homes.

Exceed KCSIE and Ofsted requirements

Granular policy configurations and highly customisable reporting allow you to not just meet but exceed KCSIE and Ofsted requirements around “appropriate filtering”

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Simpler installation and authentication

Benefit from faster and easier installation as well as more robust user and traffic authentication providing complete user visibility.

Full incident reporting

Report on 100% of data and so create a full contextual picture around any safeguard incident.

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Want to go full cloud but don’t want to
leave your on-premise environment?

You don’t have to.

Our Smoothwall Hybrid Filter deployment option lets you manage remote and on-premise devices centrally. Providing the benefits of both deployment options.

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Effective Cloud Filtering in Education

Are you considering a switch to cloud filtering for your school, college or MAT?

Learn all there is to know about this increasingly popular web filtering deployment option in our comprehensive guide.

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Web Filtering in Education
Are you having the cloud, on-premise or hybrid debate?

Download our free whitepaper to explore the differences and advantages of on-premise and cloud-based web filtering, and to help you choose the right deployment strategy for your school.

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