Check-in on the wellbeing of
your students

Smoothwall Pulse provides fun and easy 60-second weekly check-ins to encourage students to reflect on their mental, social and physical wellbeing allowing you to spot vulnerable students early.

A wellbeing platform designed to make it easier for every staff member to support their students with role-based access control.

School Leaders
Gain a snapshot into the overall health of their school, and make well-informed decisions to improve the wellbeing of your school community.

Identify challenges your students face enabling you to intervene early and support the student.

A simple way to spot vulnerable students and connect with those who need help and support.


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Introducing your school’s 60-second weekly student wellbeing check-ins

Help students who need rapid intervention, understand what challenges your school community is facing and take action with real-time data. 

Check-in on your students
Fun and easy 60-second
weekly check-ins.

During each check-in, students are asked 5 randomised evidence-based questions from the ARACY framework, starting with a simple yet crucial question, “How are you feeling today?”.


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Identify and support students in need
Provide students with a safe and accessible way to reach out for help.

When a student flags that they need help, Smoothwall Pulse will connect them with a trusted teacher, school leader, or administrator of their choosing.


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Take action with real-time data
Get insights into your students’
current wellbeing.

Translate data into early intervention and track changes over time for continuous improvement. An instant snapshot into school-wide wellbeing, down to individual students, enables you to reach out to students in need.

Encourage gratitude
Encourage students to be supportive of each other and lift each other up with the Smoothwall Pulse gratitude feature.

After students complete their check-in, the platform prompts them to give a shout out to a fellow student or a staff member.

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Access wellbeing resources
Take a holistic approach towards
improving wellbeing.

Provided staff and parents with the relevant resources they need to support students. Over 150 evidence-based Character Lab resources including wellbeing tips and playbooks are available within Smoothwall Pulse.



Hundreds of schools using Pulse have seen:

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Katy Thomas, Head of School Safeguarding at Westley Middle School

Discover how Westley Middle School can now:

  • Encourage vulnerable students to reach out for help
  • Gauge student wellbeing on a week-by-week basis
  • Meet 9 key elements of KCSIE wellbeing guidance
  • Create an accurate picture of school-wide wellbeing and where there are gaps in provision


Further Reading

Download our whitepaper: ‘How to Reach Vulnerable Students Who Don’t Speak Up’

Wellbeing issues amongst children are rising significantly.
KCSIE requires all schools to have systems in place to facilitate communication with vulnerable students. 

Smoothwall’s latest whitepaper is a practical guide for DSLs looking to strengthen their support for students who may be suffering in silence.

Download now to learn:

  • How to encourage vulnerable students to speak up.
  • How to spot students in need of support with weekly,
    60-second check-ins. 
  • Why annual surveys don’t go far enough.
  • How to spot wellbeing issues across your school at a glance.

Essential reading for:
Senior leaders, safeguarding teams, teaching staff and anyone responsible for student wellbeing within a school, college or MAT.

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