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Proactive Monitoring and Online Grooming

Proactive monitoring can help alert school DSLs to risks of grooming and enable fast intervention. Discover more.

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Proactive Monitoring and Pornography

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we've seen a significant increase in children accessing pornography. Discover how Proactive Monitoring can help DSLs identify any issues within their school.

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Proactive Monitoring and Cyberbullying

Learn how proactive monitoring can help support schools and colleges in tackling cyberbullying head-on.

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Proactive Monitoring and Mental Health

Proactive monitoring provides DSLs with an extra pair of eyes and ears enabling them to identify pupils at potential risk of mental health issues from an early stage. Learn more.

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Proactive Monitoring and Reducing Workloads

Learn how proactive monitoring can help DSLs transform student safety, reduce workload, and save valuable time.

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Proactive Monitoring and Sexual Violence

Learn how proactive monitoring can help school DSLs tackle the sexual violence and sexual harassment culture in schools and colleges.

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The UKSIC: Updated Definitions on 'Appropriate Monitoring'

The UKSIC definitions on ‘appropriate monitoring’ have changed. Our article explains why more emphasis has been placed on proactive digital monitoring than ever before and looks at the risks to student safety which go unseen without it.

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Smoothwall acquires eSafe Global
Smoothwall acquires eSafe Global

Smoothwall, the market-leading developer of web filtering and proactive monitoring solutions, has announced it has acquired eSafe Global.

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Cost guide to digital monitoring
A Cost Guide to Proactive Digital Monitoring in Education

Are you considering digital monitoring but unsure how much you can expect to pay? Our article outlines some key considerations to bear in mind and some questions to ask your vendor to ensure you get the best price possible.

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