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World Suicide Prevention Day: Let’s live in a world where fewer lives are lost to suicide

On the 10th September, World Suicide Prevention Day takes place to drive awareness to Government, businesses, public institutions and individuals across the UK that it's possible to live in a world where fewer lives are lost to suicide.

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KCSIE 2023
The 2023 KCSIE filtering and monitoring updates every school needs to know

The updated KCSIE 2023 guidance comes into force this September. It highlights new responsibilities for DSLs, regarding how their school filtering and monitoring systems are managed.

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Exam-related stress
Help students with exam-related stress to easily speak up

In this article, we look at how school DSLs can easily check-in on how their students are feeling and help those with exam or assessment-related stress to speak up and receive early support.

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Snapchat logo
Snapchat’s AI Chatbot and the implications for student wellbeing

For those responsible for student safeguarding, here’s a round up of what My AI is, and the wider implications for child online safety, wellbeing and privacy.

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Twitter app logo - twitter ticks
Twitter ticks and the implications for child online safety

There’s been widespread publicity surrounding the removal of ‘legacy’ verification ticks from Twitter accounts. It brings with it implications for student online safety - so here's a round up of the latest developments.

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Children Mental Health Week 2023 - Teacher talking to student in a classroom
Children's Mental Health Week 2023 | Let’s Connect: Encourage Children to Speak Up About Their Wellbeing

The theme for this year’s Children’s Mental Health Week is ‘Let’s Connect.’  It aims to encourage children to have healthy connections with those around them, to support their sense of wellbeing.

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Empower your whole school community to ‘make space’ for conversations with students about safety online.

Discover the importance of school communities coming together to create a safer internet, by encouraging their students to speak up about what’s going on in their online world.

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Cyberbullying - what is it, what's its impact and how can DSLs spot it at an earlier stage?

In support of Anti-Bullying Week, we'd like to draw attention to cyberbullying to help school DSLs understand the scale of the problem and its impact, as well as provide valuable resources to help DSLs prevent it. 

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National Stress Awareness Day: As a DSL, do you fear missing a child at risk?

Discover how digital monitoring can help take the pressure off and be your eyes and ears in the digital environment.

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