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Dear School Leader

Like you, we have been deeply concerned with the outpouring of sexual harassment and abuse stories in schools. We have noted the Government’s request that Ofsted review schools’ safeguarding.

Smoothwall works with approximately 40% of headteachers and DSLs across the UK and we know the role the digital world plays in the creation and propagation of abuse. We also know that children, male and female, use the digital world to cry for help or to talk about their experiences. And this evidence can very often go unnoticed without some form of proactive digital monitoring

Proactive Digital Monitoring is a vital form of safeguarding that helps you to identify incidents of abuse and causes of abuse and to attend to those children who are crying out for help.

It also enables headteachers and DSLs to take a positive and proactive approach to make appropriate, context rich safeguarding decisions appropriate to the children in their care.

Smoothwall’s Monitor Managed Service is available free of charge to every school in the UK right now for 3 months.

Please get in touch. Our experts will answer your questions, and talk you through step by step how we can help.

Yours Sincerely
Georg Ell
CEO, Smoothwall




*Excludes existing users of Monitor 

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