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How can digital record keeping help Multi-Academy Trusts to improve safeguarding?

A crisis has occurred in one of your academies. The academy DSL has rung to tell you about the incident but the file on the particular child is stored in a filing cabinet on a school site 60 miles away and you want to see exactly what actions have been taken running up to the event, right now.

This is just one of the many situations using a secure digital safeguard record system can answer.

From the bottom up, digital safeguarding records strengthen your safeguarding system across your Trust.


It’s important when migrating over to a Digital Safeguard Record solution that you consider whether it is appropriate for a Multi-Academy Trust.  There is a number of responsibility levels across a MAT, and a good solution like Smoothwall Record Manager will enable varied access to allow Trust leadership to see multiple schools. With sensitive information from a number of schools being held, you should also ensure the records are held as securely as possible.

You should also check the solution allows you to see updates in real-time and for staff to be able to update and access the files on a secure platform anytime, anywhere. Useful features will include body maps that staff can mark online and be able to combine body maps over time to gain a full picture of events.

Good solutions, like Smoothwall’s, will also be intuitive. You should be able to create clear reports of a pupil and be able to print these reports for external meetings when required. A full chronology should be viewable so that you can review how students in need have been managed.

Innovative solutions will also save you time by not having to double entry safeguarding issues. If a risk concern has appeared in the digital environment, when using compatible digital monitoring, it can be easily added to your safeguarding records. For instance, if a pupil threatens another pupil with violence, you can easily opt to add this safeguarding concern into your digital safeguarding records of the students involved.

Digital safeguarding record solutions can keep your academies safer and give you a full overview of safeguarding activity across your Trust. They can be incorporated within a full digital safeguarding system also including filtering, monitoring, and in some cases classroom management.

To find out more download our new whitepaper How to achieve Digital Safety excellence across a Multi-Academy Trust’.

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