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Student Safeguarding in a Multi-Academy Trust –
How to know if you are digitally safeguarding some pupils more than others – and what to do about it

It’s a harsh reality but if your digital safeguarding is managed locally and each school is using a different technology there could be an inconsistency in your safeguarding standards. That means you could be inadvertently protecting some pupils better than others.

For example, a pupil attending a school with a non, real-time filter is at higher risk of being exposed to appalling content than those protected with a real-time filter. A pupil in an unseen risk situation stands more chance of being spotted and helped in a school that uses digital monitoring than someone whose school monitors using eyes and ears only.

A vulnerable pupil in a school that relies on paper records may not get the right kind of help or timely help compared to a child in a school who uses digital safeguard record keeping and therefore has a more accurate and holistic view of their needs.

To provide the same high level of safeguarding to all students across your Multi-Academy Trust and to provide a strong reassuring safety message to all stakeholders including parents, centralised procurement, deployment and management are key.

That means ensuring your filtering, monitoring and record keeping:

  • Are centrally procured and managed.
  • Designed for multi-tenancy management – so new schools can be added easily.
  • Can enable some local control without overriding core Trust rules.
  • Allow schools to run their own reports and so ease the burden on central IT.
  • Enable all sites to see the same policies.

Smoothwall technologies are designed to be managed centrally with multi-tenancy capability. Our pro-rata pricing enables you to centralise your solutions with all schools benefitting immediately but those schools in existing contracts pay only when that contract is ended.

What next?

In these pandemic times, it’s important to reassess your MATs digital safeguarding, route out any weaknesses and ensure your provision is robust enough to properly protect the wellbeing and safety of the students in your care.

Download our latest document ‘#5 Key Ways to Improve Your Digital Safeguarding during Covid-19 – A Guide for Multi-Academy Trusts‘ below. Or why not book a call with one of our experts for some guidance on how to optimise your digital safety technology for a multi-tenancy environment.
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