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How to present the case for digital monitoring in your school or college

You may have identified a need for digital monitoring in your school. But ensuring colleagues and stakeholders understand the importance too is an important next step. Particularly if you rely on them to sign off on budget.

A helpful starting point is to identify and then present, where your school may be failing to meet its statutory obligations around monitoring.

These factors may include:

  • You do not effectively risk-guard vulnerable children sufficiently (a group that are more likely to type than voice their current concerns)
  • You do not comply or only partially comply with the changes and expectations in KCSIE 2018
  • The negative impact the issues of the online world are having on pupils’ overall achievement
  • Your IT systems are not effectively being monitored and some incidents are slipping through the net
  • You are missing concerns in some students. You might be able to discover risks you are not aware of
  • Your current processes around contextual safeguarding.
What next?

For further help and advice on how to present your case to your stakeholders, download our guide  ‘Active Monitoring – How To Prepare Your Case For Funding’ below. It includes a wealth of tips including a handy score system to help you identify your gaps and share the positive difference a digital monitoring solution could make.

Alternatively, if you have any questions please get in touch. We’d be delighted to help.

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