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Web filtering deployment in Multi-Academy Trusts whitepaper

The changing face of web filtering deployment. How to select the right deployment strategy for your Multi-Academy Trust. Free whitepaper download.

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Teenage girl at school looking sad
Eating disorders in Independent Schools - How to notice the tell-tale signs

Discover how digital monitoring can help Independent Schools identify those at risk of eating disorders and provide support.

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Cyberbullying – How can your academies spot pupils harming others or being harmed?

There are endless ways for cyberbullying to occur in schools but how can you be sure your students are protected? Do you know what signs to look for?

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Image of primary school childen walking to school holding hands
How can a managed monitoring solution improve safeguarding across your Multi-Academy Trust and save valuable DSL time?

Learn how a managed monitoring solution can help raise your safeguarding standards and protect from dangerous incidents occurring.

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Image of student and teacher looking at open books
How can digital record keeping help Multi-Academy Trusts to improve safeguarding?

Discover how digital record management solutions can keep your academies safer and give you a full overview of safeguarding activity across your Trust.

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Black and white image of school children in a classroom with computers and monitors - improving outcomes
How can Multi-Academy Trusts improve learning outcomes in the digital classroom?

Do you want to know how technology can enable lessons to be as outstanding as planned? This article explores the importance of having effective technologies within your schools.

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Image of a young boy with hood up walking next to wall with graffiti on
How can Multi-Academy Trusts identify students at risk of involvement in County Lines and gang violence?

Discover how digital monitoring can be used to identify students at risk of involvement in County Lines and gang violence.

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School pupils in a lesson
Should smartphones be banned in Independent schools?

Find out why one Independent School has chosen to ban smartphones as part of their digital strategy and the positive impact it has had on pupils.

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School boy looking sad on mobile phone at the bus stop
Self-harm in Independent Schools – How to spot the signs of risk

Learn the key indicators Independent School teachers should look out for and how the use of digital monitoring can help spot the signs of risk.

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