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Black and white image of three school children looking at computer monitor
Web filtering and AI evaluation

The web is so big today that it’s highly unusual to find any web filter vendor not making use of machine learning or intelligence somewhere in their product – but how can you compare these systems? Learn more.

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Image of a teacher and school children looking at a laptop monitor and smiling
How to prepare for integrating a new school into your Multi-Academy Trust

How can you prepare for integration and overcome the challenges of adding a new school to your Multi-Academy Trust? Learn more.

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Image of school teacher with a student looking at computer monitor and smiling
Web Filtering - The road to standardisation across Multi-Academy Trusts

Learn the clear benefits to having a standard trust-wide web filtering policy and how you can achieve it.

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Image of students in a classroom bench looking at a mobile phone
Web filtering and BYOD

Allowing students to connect their own devices to the school network is becoming commonplace within the majority of schools. Read this article to learn how you can offer filtered internet access to guest devices.

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Woman looking at data on computer
Web filtering and the RIPA  

Learn the questions you need to ask yourself when ensuring your filter logging is sufficient enough to satisfy law enforcement enquiries.

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Image of three students looking at a tablet with focus
The importance of flexible policy controls in school web filtering (who, what, where, when)

How a flexible web filtering policy provides a premium solution for Independent schools? Learn more.

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Image of school classroom with computer monitors
How to tell if your school's web filter is designed for education

Learn the key signs which suggest your web filter wasn't tooled for education. Find out more.

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School pupils walking
North East Learning Trust - Smoothwall Filter case study

Discover how North East Learning Trust use Smoothwall Filter to provide safe and secure BYOD filtering for the first time.

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Picture of Northern Education Trust members
Northern Education Trust's experience of using Proactive Digital Monitoring

Read our latest Q&A with Northern Education Trust to learn about their experience using Smoothwall Monitor and how it led to them winning the BETT Impact Award 2020.

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