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Student resting his arm on a table whilst playing on a laptop
What are the most common risks in gaming apps used by children and what do DSLs need to be aware of?

We give DSLs an insight into the most common online safety risks that students may be exposed to and explain how to make invisible risks, visible.

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Students playing games on a laptop with a second screen
How DSLs can identify and support students struggling with gaming trolls and threats

As a DSL, find out what the main safeguarding threats in gaming forums are and what you can do to help keep your students safe.

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Student playing games on a PC with his headphones on
How DSLs can advise students to stay safe when playing games and apps

We offer DSLs top tips and advice on how to keep children and young people safe when they’re using online games and apps.

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Young girl typing on computer
Proactive Monitoring and Online Grooming

Proactive monitoring can help alert school DSLs to risks of grooming and enable fast intervention. Discover more.

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Young boy on tablet device
Proactive Monitoring and Pornography

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we've seen a significant increase in children accessing pornography. Discover how Proactive Monitoring can help DSLs identify any issues within their school.

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Cyberbullying on mobile phone
Digital Monitoring and Cyberbullying

Learn how digital monitoring can help support schools and colleges in tackling cyberbullying head-on.

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School boy thinking
Proactive Monitoring and Mental Health

Proactive monitoring provides DSLs with an extra pair of eyes and ears enabling them to identify pupils at potential risk of mental health issues from an early stage. Learn more.

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DSL talking to student
Proactive Monitoring and Reducing Workloads

Learn how proactive monitoring can help DSLs transform student safety, reduce workload, and save valuable time.

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Young boy talking to girl at school lockers
Proactive Monitoring and Sexual Violence

Learn how proactive monitoring can help school DSLs tackle the sexual violence and sexual harassment culture in schools and colleges.

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