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Student Safeguarding in a MAT - How to know if you are digitally safeguarding some pupils more than others – and what to do about it

If the schools in your MAT are using different safeguarding technologies, you could be protecting some students more than others. Find out what you can do to centralise your solutions and start protecting your students equally.

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Student Safeguarding in a MAT - New ways for ensuring joined up and accessible safeguarding data in your MAT

Learn how a join up of intelligence through digital safeguard technologies can help increase pupil protection and allow for more targeted support intervention.

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Student Safeguarding in a MAT - How to reach vulnerable students who may be suffering in silence

Read our article to learn how proactive digital monitoring can help MAT's reach vulnerable students who may be suffering in silence as they re-enter the school environment.

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Student Safeguarding in a MAT - Is your web filter exposing your students to risk?

Did you know that if the web filters used across your Multi-Academy Trust aren’t real-time you could be exposing your pupils to harmful content? Learn more.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Digital safeguarding During Covid-19
#5 Ways to Improve Your Digital Safeguarding during COVID-19

Our FREE guide has been written to help MATs review their digital safeguarding practices and support student wellbeing as they reintegrate back into full-time education during COVID-19. Download now.

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Digital monitoring - spot vulnerable pupils returning to school
Digital Monitoring - How can it help your MAT spot vulnerable pupils returning to school from lockdown

Learn how Digital Monitoring can help MATs spot and support vulnerable students as they return to school from lockdown. Book a short walk-through today.

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Web Filtering for MATs - Book a Review

Choosing a web Filter designed for MATs is vital. Allow one of our MAT specialists to walk you through Smoothwall Filter and explain its unique benefits for the MAT environment. You could even take advantage of our money saving offer. Learn more.

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Ransomware in UK Education
Ransomware in UK Education

A useful guide for school ITs with tips and tricks on how to defend against attacks and minimize the impact should the worst happen.

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No 1 Filter for MATs
The Key Reasons Why Smoothwall is the UK's No 1 Filter for MATs

As Multi-Academy Trusts standardise their filtering they turn to the only MAT specialist in the UK - Smoothwall. Our brochure explains why.

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