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South Hunsley school
South Hunsley School - Smoothwall Monitor case study

Find out how Smoothwall Monitor - Managed Service allows South Hunsley School to identify and help at-risk students earlier.

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Aletheia Anglican Academies Trust
Aletheia Anglican Academies Trust - Smoothwall Filter case study

Learn how Aletheia Anglican Academies Trust can now scale infinitely to provide current and new schools with premium safeguard filtering at an affordable cost.

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School pupils walking
Online safety education - Understanding your school's statutory duties

Smoothwall’s E-safety Training is provided in partnership with National Online Safety and is a whole-school approach to online safety training.

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Frederick Gough School aerial shot
Frederick Gough School - Smoothwall Filter case study

Discover how Smoothwall Filter has allowed Frederick Gough School stablise their network and regain control over their web filtering.

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Durham castle
Durham County Council - Smoothwall Filter case study

Learn how Smoothwall Filter is delighting Durham County Council by giving them the tools to provide tailored web filtering to each of their schools.

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student at computer
How identifying knife crime risks amongst young people has become an essential requirement for schools across the UK

With an increase in knife crime across UK schools, discover how you can help identify those at risk and considering bringing weapons through the school gates.

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10 world changing innovations by women that were originally credited to men

Throughout history, female inventors, scientists and engineers have discovered countless revolutionary and life-changing inventions. Here are 10 things you didn't know were invented by women.

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Headteachers are reporting a rise in self-harm – here’s how to spot warning signs of those that might be at risk

Our Online Safety Expert provides advice on how schools, colleges and teachers can spot the early warning signs of potentially vulnerable pupils.

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Digital Safety Excellence in an Independent School whitepaper

Designed to guide you through a robust online safety infrastructure that will help keep your students protected, your school compliant and your reputation intact. Download your free whitepaper here.

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