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How to Use Proactive Digital Monitoring To Support Vulnerable Students Returning to School (post lockdown)

Learn how Proactive Digital Monitoring can play a crucial part in helping schools spot vulnerable students who may have been impacted by isolation. Students in need of extra support.

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How proactive digital monitoring can help you to spot vulnerable key worker children throughout COVID-19

During COVID-19 it's likely that keyworker children will be feeling anxious or fearful and in need of extra support. Learn how proactive digital monitoring can help you spot those most vulnerable.

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Digital Safeguarding Records
Why digital safeguarding records are an imperative for schools amidst the COVID-19 crisis

As schools look to report and share safeguarding concerns remotely those still using paper-based records are at a disadvantage. To help schools modernise their record-keeping at this crucial time, we have made Smoothwall Record Manager free of charge until the end of the school year. Learn more.

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Are you at risk of Zoombombing? How to ensure safe online learning when using Zoom

The COVID-19 crisis has seen a rise in video conferencing platforms such as Zoom. Whilst this has its positives, children are increasingly at risk of being exposed to harmful content. Learn what steps you can take to help keep children safe.

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Why the DfE must act NOW to digitally safeguard students in the Covid-19 lockdown

With schools closed due the COVID-19 lockdown, the number of children using the internet unfiltered & unsupervised is increasing. This brings new emerging threats to child safety. Learn more.

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Houseparty video app could put children at risk - How can you keep young people safe?

As video call app, Houseparty, grows in popularity amongst young people, our article explains what parents need to know and how you can help keep children safe. Learn more.

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Smoothwall Cloud Filter
Does your school use Chromebooks? Are you without remote Filtering at this time?

As a lifeline to those schools who do not have any form of remote Filtering during these difficult times we are offering Smoothwall Cloud Filter free of charge until the end of term. Learn more.

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Global Health Situation: Offsite Filtering and Remote Network Access

In light of the current global health situation and the possibility of a temporary school closure, we want to extend our support to you. Read our guidance on offsite filtering and remote network access.

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The Internet’s “Growing Crisis”: How to Protect School Girls From Online Harms

Read our article on How to Protect School Girls From Online Harms and why It's the internet’s growing crisis

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