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18 Jul 2016

The Importance of Embracing Security as Part of Digital Culture Within Your Workplace.

A strong sense of culture is everything when it comes to long term business viability. Culture whether good or bad, is the fundamental bedrock to whether businesses, schools, local authorities, etc can build and maintain a resilient network environment and stay out of the news in terms of information risk.

That’s why Smoothwall believe every organisation should be embracing a strong digital security culture, both as a mode of operation and as a mindset, to ensure that the security of their organisation is maintained throughout the whole business.

In order for this to be implemented, firstly it needs to be integrated into your users day-to-day thinking and decision making.

If this is not implemented correctly it may lead to uncertainty amongst users which could ultimately result in security incidents that you likely can’t afford to take on.

Embracing the Culture

Companies must do whatever they can to minimise this disconnect when it comes to their information security.

A big part of this involves creating and executing a security training program that is fully supported and actively encouraged amongst the companies users at all levels.

A reward system can serve as a great motivator for most users/employees to embrace a new culture change but ultimately you need to ensure that your users:

  • Feel that they are trusted in doing the right thing
  • Are provided with the right tools/training to make them feel supported
  • Feel proud to work at your organisation
  • Feel knowledgeable on how to protect data correctly
  • Are made to feel that they can make a difference

With all the above boxes ticked it’s crucial that this starts from the top, with senior management and leadership teams fully focused on fostering a positive security culture in order to set the right example and ensure risk is minimised.

With this being said, once this has been rolled out and embodied by the senior management and leadership teams, certain users could still choose to deviate from your set culture and this is ultimately where the end problem lies.

Did you know 95% of security breaches are caused by human error?

This often happens when your users start to work in silos and not as part of an overall team.

In these silos, rather than the user being helpful and doing what they can to embrace the new security culture, these individuals often do what’s in their own interest, which can sometimes even be a plan to sabotage each other of the overall business.

Similarly users with even the best intentions can inadvertently harm your network and go against your security culture by accidentally sharing confidential data and even downloading malware.

Either way sabotage or an accidental breach of your culture is still just as damaging to your organisation.

A Smooth Solution

Our dedicated team can create a tailored Smoothwall solution that can protect your network and minimise risk posed by your users.

Our next generation firewall combined with our innovative web filter protects your organisation, local government or school against both threats to your network and threats from within.

This is done through managing user bandwidth, implementing flexible social media controls and by controlling when they browse the web.

If you would like to find out more on how our solutions could help your company embrace a security culture, contact us via our website.

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