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07 Mar 2016

Framlingham Product Release

Framlingham introduces a new directory type, a new Safeguarding reporting suite and a simplified, easier to set up version of Connect for Chromebooks.

The new directory type allows Chromebook users to be filtered based on their Google Apps group membership without the need to link an Active Directory to Google (using GADS).

The Safeguarding reporting suite allows customers to view and raise alerts on users who breached Safeguarding rulesets such as radicalisation, bullying and adult content.

Google as a Directory Service

Google as a directory service allows user authentication and group mapping based on Google Apps accounts and group memberships.

This new directory type can be used with Connect for Chromebooks to achieve filtering without the need for an AD or setting up Google Active Directory Sync.

It is possible to map Smoothwall groups to Google groups, allowing rules such as content filtering policies from the Smoothwall to be applied based on groups.

Synchronisation with Google directory happens on demand with the click of a button rather than via real time communication with Google every time a user logs in.

Initially it is possible to set up a single domain, support for subdomains will follow in future features to allow group mapping by organisational units.

Simplified Connect for Chromebooks

Connect for Chromebooks has been improved to reduce the number of setup steps required. The verification checks against the Google authentication service are now optional, and can be set up in the Google Developer Console.

These verification checks are recommended if the Chromebook devices are not enrolled or fall under BYOD.


Government consultation due to complete in spring 2016 proposes to ‘change the emphasis from “should consider” to “should ensure” with regards to teaching about Safeguarding, including online’.

If these changes are approved they will require schools and colleges to comply with this need by September 2016. Safeguarding will become part of a suite of Smoothwall reporting features helping schools and educational establishments with their Safeguarding and PREVENT responsibilities regarding internet use.

Safeguarding allows the System Administrator to run reports against users on their network for various time periods to show if they have breached any safeguarding rulesets.

A colour coded indicator shows the severity of the breaches. ‘Out of the box' 7 safeguarding category rulesets are defined; for example, radicalisation includes the Guardian categories of terrorism and intolerance.

Each category within a ruleset has a severity level assigned to it, the severity level of the ruleset breach reflects the highest level of category breach.

For example if the user breaches against intolerance which is a caution, and terrorism which is danger, the ruleset breach will show as danger.

The Safeguarding full report is ordered by user breaches, first by level of breach severity, then by number of breaches. Clicking on an individual user gives a detailed user activity report, showing any breaches within the report period selected.

Within the user activity report, clicking on a breach expands the view to include all browsing history within 5 minutes either side of the breach. This detailed report provides the Safeguarding officer with a context to a user’s activities, helping them to determine if intent is present.

The System Administrator is able to set up a daily, weekly or monthly email notification against a chosen ruleset, and enter the email addresses of the contacts that wish to receive it.

View more information on Safeguarding features in Framlingham by downloading our whitepaper.

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