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04 Jul 2016

Glamis Product Release

Glamis brings enhancements to popular new features by bringing Safeguarding to the user portal, and including support for Google Organizational Units.

Reporting and Anti-Malware have speed enhancements, including the introduction of industry-leading Bitdefender as the new Anti-Malware engine and a new System Restore feature adds peace of mind protection for users making system changes.

SafeGuarding in the Portal

The popular Smoothwall Safeguarding feature is now available in the user portal. Safeguarding in the portal means System Administrators can enable staff, such as the Safeguarding Officer, to run reports themselves, and drill down into the detailed view previously only available through the Admin UI.

Users can view the detail of all breaches for an individual user and may also view the activity either side of an individual breach.

This ease of information availability will greatly aid the user’s ability to understand the intent behind a breach, and define if there is a protection need for an individual.    

Safeguarding reporting is now tenant aware, enabling reporting on individual tenants within a multi-tenant system. Safeguarding daily summary notifications now contain the full user breach history.

This is not available in weekly and monthly notifications to ensure report emails do not become large enough to suffer delivery problems.

Google Directory Organizational Units

Introducing support for Organisational Units to complement the existing support for mapping Google groups to Smoothwall groups. Google as a directory service allows user authentication and group mapping based on Google Apps accounts and group memberships.

The Google Admin Console allows users to be structured into a hierarchy of organizational units to allow common permissions to be applied at the various levels for Google services. Organizational Units may now be mapped directly to the Smoothwall for use within filtering rules.  

Bitdefender Anti-Malware engine

Introducing Bitdefender, which regularly tops the anti-malware charts for speed, performance and thoroughness. Bitdefender increases the maximum file size which can be scanned from 100MB to 1GB, and covers a comprehensive range of file types.

This enhancement will not change the user interface.

On initial migration the Bitdefender licensed module requires an update to the signatures which could take several minutes to download during which time the anti-malware service will be marked as ‘Off’.  

System Restore

A restore point is a ‘snapshot’ representation of the Smoothwall’s system files at a point in time.

System restore allows a System Administrator to roll back the Smoothwall to a restore point in case of problems.

Users can manually create a restore point, and one is created by the Smoothwall before an update to the software.  

New Filtering Categories

Two new categories have been added to our Guardian Filtering engine: 'Computing ' contains sites which are related to Computing (programming languages, technology companies and computer industry news and blogs) - but excludes gaming sites which can be better categorized as 'Online Games' or 'Computer Games' 'APIs and Web Libraries' contains APIs and Web Libraries (,, etc), but not CDN's or tracking sites which are already categorised as 'CDNs' and 'User tracking and site stats' respectively.

These categories are intended to assist with understanding of content within reporting, rather than for common use within filtering rules. The following categories are no longer classified under "/":

  • 'Facebook Comment Removal'
  • 'Disqus Comment Removal'
  • 'WordPress Comment Removal'
  • 'Blogger Comment Removal'

Reporting improvements

In depth research into report processing in the Smoothwall has enabled a reduction in datastore indexing times to improve report processing speed. Researched also revealed that time could be lost in the system by users inadvertently starting the same report more than once.

This could significantly reduce reporting speed, particularly when multiplied across a number of tenants.

The Portal has been improved to show currently running reports, to stop users inadvertently running the same report concurrently.    

Scheduled updates for Glamis-1: Improvements to abnormal load average alerts seen in S2 appliances running anti-malware.

Visit Smoothwall TV to view our latest video 'What's new in Glamis July 2016'.

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