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21 Mar 2018

A guide to effective monitoring solutions

The use of technology within lessons has a variety of widely accepted benefits for teachers as well as students. Smoothwall’s exclusive research commissioned in 2017, found that nearly all of teachers (96%) believe technology has a positive impact in the classroom, with more than half (56%) identifying it as improving pupil engagement levels. However, the increasing adoption of technology within the classroom presents teachers with one significant challenge - how do they monitor usage?

Filtering and Monitoring

Schools and other governing bodies in England and Wales are required to have appropriate filtering and monitoring in place, in order to comply with legislation and fulfill their duty to effectively safeguard their students and staff. Whilst filtering solutions ensure that the internet is appropriate for your users, monitoring services allow you to identify concerning issues by analysing patterns of behaviour.

For example, monitoring can help distinguish between someone stumbling upon an inappropriate site and someone repeatedly searching for inappropriate material. Unlike filtering solutions, monitoring products sit on top of the whole network, looking for concerning behaviours. So whether someone is using the internet or working in a word document, monitoring solutions will help to create context and report back anything that looks out of the ordinary.

How Smoothwall can help

Smoothwall has developed an advanced keystroke monitoring solution, Visigo, which uses smart profiling to identify patterns of behaviour. Should it detect anything which could be a cause for concern, an alert will be sent to your safeguarding officer. Powered by a combination of vast AI technology and human specialists, Visigo allows schools to focus on providing education and support to children in their care, with peace of mind that they will be alerted should a safeguarding issue arise.

Currently the only solution of it’s kind to offer a round the clock service, you can be rest assured that your users are protected during evenings and weekends, as well as throughout the school day. Visigo is also unique because of its ability to build a profile of each user, allowing for accurate moderation between a one-off event or a consistent pattern of behaviour. This ensures that the most accurate information is reported to your safeguarding officer.

Introducing the Visigo portal

As part of our dedication to continuously improve and develop our Visigo service, our product development team have recently implemented various updates to the solution, focusing in particular on refreshing the portal’s interface and UX. The Visigo portal is an online platform that allows you to review performance and analytics, and view system information.

The new dashboard provides you with a quick and interactive view of your school’s events with the ability to click through to view individual alerts. You also have the option to browse and filter based on risk category, risk level or per device, and if you manage several sites, the multi-organisation view will allow you to look at each site individually. Updates to the portal can be viewed by clicking on the video to your right.

For advice on how to integrate a monitoring soultion into your busy safeguarding schedule, download our free guide. If you would like further information about Visigo, get in touch and request to speak to a member of our Education team today.

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