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31 May 2018

Interim Safeguarding Guidance: Keeping Vulnerable Beneficiaries Safe

With recent internationally reported incidents such as the Oxfam scandal and Tearfund charity incident in Malawi hitting the headlines, the Government has been faced with increased pressures to tighten policies and procedures around safeguarding.

Due to these pressures, on the 4th May, the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) published and updated the Interim Safeguarding Guidance: Keeping Vulnerable Beneficiaries Safe.

Here’s just some of the key requirements...

Charity trustees have a legal duty to act in the interest of their charity and in particular to act with care and diligence, which means they must have the appropriate mechanisms in place to ensure that a safe environment is created for staff, beneficiaries and volunteers.

It is the charity trustees collective responsibility for safeguarding vulnerable beneficiaries and they need to be aware that their charity could be targeted by those who want to gain access to children or vulnerable adults.

Under the Whistleblowing and the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 (PIDA), charities that employ people must have whistleblowing procedures in place to make sure that issues can be raised by staff openly and safely.

The guidance also states that charities working with partner organisations, both in Scotland or elsewhere in the UK must be fully aware that those organisations have safeguarding policies of their own in place and that these are regularly reviewed.

Safeguarding vulnerable users online

As the use of technology increases and continues to play a pivotal part in the delivery of services to vulnerable users, it can be difficult for charities to continue providing a safe and secure environment when their users are online.

It’s now more important than ever for charities to not only make sure that their staff and volunteers are adequately trained in order to identify safeguarding risks, but have the correct policies and procedures in place to help ensure that children or vulnerable adults are protected from any online risks and harm.

At Smoothwall we make it easier to manage those online risks, and take pride in developing cost-effective technologies which provide users with the best possible web experience, whilst keeping them safe online. Our web filtering and monitoring solutions are best of breed and are designed to provide safe and secure access to the web whilst protecting society’s most vulnerable users.

To find out how Smoothwall can provide you with an effective and tailored safeguarding solution, get in touch with one of our specialists today.

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