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21 Sep 2017

Introducing Smoothwall’s new whitepaper - Digital Transformation in SME’s: The Cyber Security Challenge

Delivering a good digital business experience to customers and employees has become imperative for survival in the 21st century, and is commonly known as digital transformation.

Digital transformation is relevant within all departments of a business, be it marketing, operations or R&D. Fundamentally aiming to provide growth and innovation opportunities, strategies could involve automating customer communications or introducing a BYOD scheme in the workplace.

But what is the impact when you team these new digital systems and mobile devices into an organisation with limited security expertise, knowledge and resources?

The reality for smaller companies is that over half (55%) experienced a cyber attack between May 2015 and 2016. Further research outlined that half of small businesses have no contingency plan in place to deal with a data breach.

Therefore it’s clear that hackers view SME’s as easy targets and would rather focus their time and efforts on attacking multiple smaller organisations, as opposed to one larger company.

This, teamed with the fact that digital transformation is now a necessity, opens up the doors for hackers to go wild. It’s vital that all businesses are aware of their cyber security risks and have measures in place to mitigate them.

This involves not only fully understanding your network but also the current cyber security landscape, especially what information is deemed valuable by cyber criminals.

Delving into the world of technology, this whitepaper aims at advising you how to ensure your digital transformation journey is a success and explores the following sections in full:

  • What prompted the need for digital transformation?
  • The benefits of digital transformation
  • The current cyber security landscape
  • Cyber security in SME’s
  • The cyber security risk of digital transformation
  • What are the threats SME’s face?
  • The cyber security risk of digital transformation
  • Simple steps to improve your organisation’s cyber security

For more information and to download the whitepaper, click here.

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