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13 Mar 2017

Inverness Product Release

The Inverness release brings enhancements to two significant areas of the product: Safeguarding and the firewall.

The Safeguarding feature increases the alerting options and improves the reports to help you identify and understand any potential safeguarding breaches much quicker.

As a result of customer feedback on firewall usability we’ve completely re-designed the firewall rules system and the firewall log viewer. The majority of the information you need to manage your firewall is now in one place.

Safeguarding Improved Intent Engine

As part of the ongoing development of the Safeguarding feature, Inverness brings improvements to the Safeguarding Intent Engine.

We’ve focused our efforts on identifying what the user intended to do - not just what the browser displays. For example, search suggestions and results are now excluded from the user breach report.

Improving the Intent Engine provides a more focused report, displaying only the information that the Safeguarding Officers need to make an informed decision.

There’s further detail on these improvements in the Smoothwall Community ‘Improved Safeguarding Intent Engine’ article.

Safeguarding Alerts

We’ve added the ability to set up notifications and alerts against user groups. When you create a notification, you can now choose from your available user groups, ‘Everyone’ or an individual user.

With Inverness you can set up instant alerts, which will notify designated people immediately of any Danger level breaches that match the alert criteria. These alert via email or SMS.

New Firewall User Interface

The brand new firewall user interface makes it easy to see all the rules, and the configuration specified in each of them. We’ve also included sections to help organize groups of similar rules making administration much easier.

Our new pop-up for creating and editing rules combines all the configuration options into one page, reducing the number of clicks. You can create and use objects for groups of IP addresses or services so one rule can apply to many different addresses and you can reuse the objects later for other rules.

Firewall Log Viewer

With the improved firewall log viewer we’ve tried to display as much technical information about the connection on the page to help find what you’re looking for quickly.

We’ve also added links directly to the rules for ease of maintenance. There’s a new log filter system to help you find details on specific connections and troubleshoot traffic from a specific host.

New Filtering Categories

Inverness includes two new categories “Web Hosting” and “Collaboration Software”. 

"Web Hosting" contains sites which offer domain names and web hosting services. 

“Collaboration Software” contains enterprise web applications (such as CRM) and sites that allow, or provide, software for collaborative document editing.


Please note you will need to install Hearst before Inverness is seen on your update system.

Hearst is a major re-factoring of the system and takes 30-40 minutes to install and requires four re-boots.

Introductory videos on how to perform basic tasks in the new firewall can be found on our Smoothwall TV Channel.

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