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05 Dec 2017

The IWF are helping young men to navigate responsibly online and protect child victims from harm

In partnership with HM Government, the NSPCC and Marie Collins Foundation, The Internet Watch Foundation have launched a campaign to help raise awareness about the harm caused to child victims of online sexual abuse.

Recent research highlights that there are still many people who aren’t aware that the viewing, sharing and distribution of indecent images of under-18s online, is illegal.

It’s also apparent that that the age of people in pictures isn't always clear, so even if you think someone is over-18 in a picture, they may not be. Amongst the key findings, the research also found:

  • 22% of men aged 18-24 do not agree that the children in indecent images are harmed by the experience
  • 24% would not report an indecent image of a child online
  • 11% do not think it is illegal to download, view or share indecent images of a child when they are under 16
  • 16% say that it is legal for someone under 18 to appear in adult pornography or say that they do not know

In order tackle this issue, better protect potential victims and reduce demand on the Criminal Justice System, the campaign has been introduced with the objectives to:

  • Prevent offending before it occurs
  • Disrupt the escalation of harmful offending behaviour
  • Challenge the myths around victim harm and offender stereotypes

Specifically targeted at men aged 18-24, the campaign aims to inform and encourage them to responsibly use the internet, both for their own sake and for the protection of under-18s who have been abused and/or coerced into being in indecent pictures that are shared online. The campaign also intends to give young men the tools and confidence to report any indecent images of children they see online.

Smoothwall are proud to support the IWF and their endeavours to eliminate online child sexual abuse imagery. Long standing members of the IWF, Smoothwall operate a zero tolerance policy when it comes to child sexual abuse and implement the IWF CAIC list into all our products, meaning we block any known or identified child sexual abuse content from being accessed.

To find out more about the IWF and their campaign, visit their website.

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