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07 Oct 2016

Internet Specialist and Smoothwall eSafety Masterclass speaker Jonathan Taylor appears on ITV's This Morning.

Child Safeguarding and Internet Specialist Jonathan Taylor has appeared on ITV’s This Morning, in a bid to spread the word of online child grooming.

It’s clear that in this day and age more and more children are using popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, as a way of communicating and expressing themselves to a wider audience.

As much as this has become more of a way of society, what we fail to see are the number of chat rooms which children take to, in order to engage with others from across the world.

These chat rooms have become the home to ‘highly skilled’ paedophiles, looking to seek out their next victims and sexually prey on the naive.

As Jonathan demonstrates, it can take just 5 seconds for the likes of a Paedophile to engage with a child - which is a very worrying thought!

With most modern day devices now built with the ability to take high resolution pictures and videos, it has become even easier for the exchange of inappropriate content to take place.

But what can be done to successfully safeguard children in school?

Due to recent changes in Legislation, schools are now required to ensure they have appropriate filtering and monitoring in place in order to help protect against such threats, also including: radicalisation and bullying. 

As this interview outlines, it is important to understand the measures which can be taken to effectively safeguard children from these types of online threats.

For further information on how schools can maximise their safeguarding practices see Jonathan Taylor at Smoothwall's final eSafety Masterclass of the year on the 12th October in London. 

To see more details and register to attend the eSafety Masterclass please click here.

Are you already attending our London eSafety Masterclass? Let us know by commenting below.


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