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17 Mar 2016

Leeds welcomes our first eSafety Masterclass

After a last minute venue change due to such high demand and popularity, we kicked off the first of our 7 eSafety Masterclasses with a bang yesterday at the Jury's Inn, Leeds!

We got off to a busy morning registering with over an incredible 50 attendees arriving including Headmasters and Teachers, Safeguarding officers, Network Managers, IT Managers, the list goes on...

There was a panel of speakers ready to go and everybody seemed intrigued about what the day had in store.  First in line to speak and kick off the Masterclass was Abigail Clay, who is an expert in Safeguarding and the Government Prevent Strategy.

Abigail took us through the understanding of Ofsted's expectations and looked at the different ways schools can implement the necessary models to successfully manage safeguarding.

Quickly following on was Managing Director of e-Safe Systems Mark Donkersley, who has been a part of eSafe for over 6 years.

Mark explained how e-Safe works in providing a specialist police-grade monitoring service and features that can detect evidence of potentially threatening behaviour and it's early warning markers.

To showcase the level of importance surrounding Safeguarding in schools Mark used this example:

In 2014 The Telegraph reported that Ofsted had failed top inner state city school Sir John Cass’s Foundation and Red Coat Church of England in Tower Hamlets, East London as inspectors found it failed to monitor activities of an islamic society set up by sixth formers.

The lengthy session definitely raised a lot of questions by the audience about Safeguarding and the possibilities around monitoring personal devices as well as school devices, cost, etc.

Smoothwall provide a Free 30 day initial trial of eSafe for schools, to help determine whether they would be a light, medium or heavy user. This will often determine the cost of monitoring for the duration of the year. 

The message really seemed to hit home about the potential risks out there and what schools now need to be prepared to do as a matter of obligation.

Just before lunch Helen Hirst from Solicitors Schofield Sweeney took to the stage to set the precedent surrounding the legal compliances of the Prevent Duty.

We returned to see our Head of Product Phil Smith carry on the afternoon with a little magic (Yes Magic!) up his sleeve. Phil took us through the new Safeguarding features available within the new Framlingham product release.

He went on to explain the way Safeguarding reports will work and how schools will now be able to react quickly towards students who may be at risk completed by the relevant actions to take.

Finally finishing off the day we invited Abigail Clay back to summarise and take us through some particularly chilling stories of real life Radicalisation cases.

Case studies were shown of those individuals and it was very interesting to see, when asked, how many of the audience thought that person would/would not be a potential risk of Radicalisation.

We have had some fantastic feedback from our attendees describing how informative and relevant the day was:Thanks for today's safeguarding masterclass, it has given myself and my colleague a lot to think about.

We will be talking to members of our leadership about the things brought up today and will quite likely be back with all sorts of queries and requests.

To anyone else who was not able to get a place it's well worth booking your place at one of the other events that are planned.If you missed out on our first Masterclass you can head to our Events Roadshow page, where you can find information about where to find us next and all our venue details.

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