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Hardware Limited Warranty


This Hardware Limited Warranty (the “Warranty”) applies to the Smoothwall hardware appliance (the “Product”), not including any associated software which may run on appliance, as this is subject to separate Software License(s).  By using the Product you (the “Customer”) agree to the terms of this Warranty.  If you do not agree to these terms please return the Product along with all other supplied materials and documentation to the company who supplied it for a refund in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Business of Smoothwall Ltd., Smoothwall Inc., Smoothwall Pty. as appropriate (collectively referred to as “Smoothwall”).

Smoothwall and the Customer agree:


1.1 Smoothwall warrants that the Product will for a period of one (1) year following delivery (the “Warranty Period”) will:

  1. (a)  be free from any significant defects in materials and workmanship;
  2. (b) perform in accordance with Smoothwall’s published specifications, providing the Product has been correctly installed, is used for its intended purpose and the operating conditions are within the range specified.

1.2 This Warranty will be rendered void and not apply if:

  • (a)the Product has been altered, repaired or modified by any party other than Smoothwall or its authorized repair agent;
  • (b) the Product has been damaged in any way, by accident, power spikes/surges or similar events or by any intentional, reckless or negligent acts or omissions of any party.

1.3  There may be additional warranties from the manufacturers of components used within the Product. However, the Customer agrees not to hold Smoothwall responsible for and hereby release Smoothwall from any liability for, performance of, enforcement of, or damages or other relief on account of any such warranties or any breach thereof.  See the manufacturer specific component warranty for further information.


2.1 If any Product is found not to comply with the provisions of Clause 1.1 above, Smoothwall will, following receipt of the Product, at its option, either;

  • (a)repair the Product, or
  • (b)replace it with an identical Product, or if not available, one of higher specification.


3.1        Before returning any Product an RMA Number must be obtained from Smoothwall, together with the address of the Smoothwall Repair Center to which the Product must be sent.

3.2        This is a “Return to Base (Factory)” Warranty, meaning that the Product must be returned to a Smoothwall Repair Center for repair or replacement, subject to clause 3.1

3.3        Once the returned Product has been received at the Smoothwall Repair Center it will be examined and tested within two (2) working days, following which you will be advised of the service engineer’s findings.  If the Product is found to be at fault then it shall be repaired or replaced within ten (10) working days.

3.4        If no fault is found with the Product then it will be returned to the Customer.  Smoothwall reserves the right to charge for transport and labor costs incurred.

3.5        The replacement Product may be refurbished, in which case it will be fully tested and supplied in “as new” condition. Smoothwall has sole, unfettered discretion to determine whether the Product is repaired or replaced.

3.6        The customer is responsible for returning the Product to the Smoothwall Repair Center, for transport and handling costs and for any duties or taxes payable in your country of residence.

3.7        Unless transport has been arranged by or provided by Smoothwall or its agent(s), if a Product is damaged in transit from the Customer to the Smoothwall Repair Center the Customer will be charged for the cost of repairs.  An estimate of the repair cost will be issued to the Customer before work starts.

3.8        The Product must either be returned in its original packaging or in a suitable transport carton such that it shall not be unnecessarily subjected to the risk of damage in transit.

3.9        Repair or replacement of the Product shall not extend the Warranty Period or any Subscription, Annual Renewal or Service Agreement associated with the Product.

3.10      Any Product, component part or other item replaced will become the property of Smoothwall.

3.11      Smoothwall shall not be responsible for return of or damage to any software, firmware, information or data contained in, stored on, or integrated with any returned Product.

3.12      If the Product is not covered by this Warranty, Smoothwall may at its discretion repair or replace the Product with the Customer being charged for the cost of repairs.  An estimate of the repair cost will be issued to the Customer before work starts.


4.1 For certain Products this Warranty can be upgraded to provide “Expedited/Advance Replacement”, whereby a replacement Product will be delivered to the Customer before the original Product is returned.  Expedited/Advance Replacement is only available where a Service Agreement is in place.  For logistical reasons Expedited/Advance Replacement is not available in all countries.

4.2 When supplied with an Expedited/Advance Replacement Product, the original Product must be returned and delivered back to the Smoothwall Repair Center within 10 working days following receipt of the replacement Product otherwise Smoothwall reserves the right to charge for the replacement Product at the prevailing list price.


5.1 This Warranty, any associated Smoothwall Software Licenses, Smoothwall’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Business and Smoothwall Service Agreement (if in force between the parties) constitute the entire agreement between Smoothwall and the Customer and supersedes all previous written or oral agreement between the parties.

5.2 The terms “You” and “Customer” are synonymous and include both the individual person and their employer or other corporate entity or entities on whose behalf they are acting.

5.3 By using the Product the Customer agrees to these terms. If the Product is being used by an entity, the individual indicating agreement to these terms represents and warrants that;

  • (a)such individual is duly authorized to accept the Warranty on behalf of the entity and to bind the entity to the terms of this Warranty;
  • (b)the entity has the full power, corporate or otherwise, to enter into the Warranty and perform its obligations under the Warranty and;
  • (c)the Warranty and the performance of the entity’s obligations under the Warranty do not violate any third-party agreement to which the entity is a party.

5.4 If any of the terms or provisions of this Warranty are or become invalid or unenforceable then they shall be deemed severable and all other terms and conditions shall remain in full force and effect.

5.5 No change to this Warranty will be valid unless in writing and signed by a Director of Smoothwall.

5.6 The provisions of the 1980 United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sales of Goods, as amended, shall not apply.

5.7 The Product and associated software or documentation may not be exported or transferred, either directly or indirectly, to any country which is prohibited by UK or US export laws and regulations.

5.8 For appliances supplied by Smoothwall Ltd. or one of their registered Partners, the proper law applicable to this Warranty is English law and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts in relation to any claim or matter arising from this Warranty or the use of the installed software.

5.9 For appliances supplied by Smoothwall Inc. or one of their registered Partners, the proper law applicable to this Warranty is the law of the State of North Carolina, USA.  The parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina in relation to any claim or matter arising from this Warranty or the use of the software installed on the appliance.

5.10 For all Smoothwall operating companies, latest information, software licences, current Terms and Conditions of Business apply, see;