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24 Dec 2016

Matrix Cellular Services


Matrix is a leading provider of telecomes service provider to Indian travellers.

The Challenge

They needed a solution that could ensure confidential data wasn’t being shared outside the organisation.

Big results

Implemented Smoothwall’s UTM to lock down specific apps and increase security.

What’s the background?

Matrix is the leading provider of telecoms to Indian people travelling abroad.

Whether they are travelling for business or pleasure, Matrix is the most popular choice for overseas travellers who want to save money on their international roaming expenses.

Matrix’s services include international sim cards and internet packs for smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

As well as their online services Matrix offers a walk-up counter service at major airports throughout India.

What was the problem?

Matrix’s primary requirement was to control data loss prevention. Atul Luthra, Vice President of IT said: “We were worried that confidential business data could be shared without the company’s knowledge.”

Gmail, WhatsApp and BitTorrent were identified as potential avenues for data loss, therefore personal Gmail accounts, mobile messaging software like WhatsApp and peer-to-peer applications such as BitTorrent needed to be blocked.

Their previous solution didn’t allow the required control over Google Apps, and personal Gmail accounts needed to be blocked whilst also allowing access to the Matrix work email, which runs on the Gmail platform.

We were worried that confidential business data could be shared without the company’s knowledge

Atul Luthra Vice President of IT

How Smoothwall helped

Matrix implemented Smoothwall’s UTM solution. The UTM’s granular web filtering controls have enabled Matrix administrators to set a policy to block personal Gmail traffic while allowing office Gmail access, and Atul comments, “Smoothwall was the only provider that could block specific Gmail accounts.”

What’s more, the use of WhatsApp and file sharing through BitTorrent is no longer an issue because Smoothwall’s Layer 7 application control identifies and blocks these protocols.

Comprehensive reporting and logging has given Matrix the ability to view user activity in real-time, as well as access to hundreds of customizable report templates. “The quality of reporting is of the highest standard, I have a detailed view of user network activity from the easy to use interface,” explains Atul.

In addition to UTM’s real-time web filtering and application control, Matrix benefit from bandwidth management controls. “We can now ensure that our bandwidth is being used effectively over all of our 13 sites.”

Atul explains that the process of installation and migration was stress free, stating “Since going live with Smoothwall, life has been easy.”

Matrix evaluated many alternative suppliers but Smoothwall met all expectations, “We would have no hesitation in recommending Smoothwall.”

The quality of reporting is of the highest standard, I have a detailed view of user network activity from the easy to use interface

Atul Luthra Vice President of IT

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