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29 Feb 2016

National Safeguarding Day

On 29th February the NCVYS is calling on all children and organisations to STOP what they are doing, LOOK at their safeguarding practices, LISTEN to what the children of our communities are saying and LEAP into action!


What's the reason for choosing the last day of February to focus on Safeguarding? Simple, it's a leap year!

This means that every four years, on this one extra day, organisations can show their commitment to young people's safety by making a pledge, on how they will further improve their standards and Safeguarding Policies.

It has been a great year for NCVYS in developing our safeguarding network and I am looking forward to another year where youth organisations come together and support each other in regards to the responsibilities and practical approaches to safeguarding.

The Stop Look Listen campaign is a great way for us to consolidate this, by putting some time aside and really thinking about simple and effective ways that we can reaffirm our commitments to safeguarding.

By sharing this with others, we can remind ourselves that we are not alone, while not forgetting that young people are active participants in the work that we do.

So take some time not only to stop and look at what you and your organisation is doing, but also listen to what young people say and how they think you can make the organisation safer for them.

At Smoothwall we take pride in knowing we have innovative technologies, such as our eSafe solution and SWG (Secure Web Gateway), which enables us to filter down and block content ensuring we can provide the best protection against Safeguarding children within Education.

To get in touch and request your free 30 day trial visit:

Pledge to take action!

NCVYS invite you to make a pledge, on what actions you will take to make your organisation a safer environment.

To make your pledge click here:


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