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31 Jan 2018

New Year, New Categories

Now that we've settled into 2018 it's time to talk categories! Earlier this month Smoothwall released three brand new categories to help ensure our coverage remains accurate and up to date, and to help you to create the safest environment possible for your users. Let's hear more about them...


Cryptocurrencies are the talk of the town right now and so we've been busy preparing a category that covers all things Crypto. Any website which discusses Cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology, or allows you to buy, sell, or exchange digital currency can be found in here.

Internationalised domains

Protecting users against Phishing attacks is always a difficult challenge, with attackers using increasingly complex methods to trick users into handing over sensitive data. The latest round of attacks involves registering domain names which include Unicode characters that closely resemble ASCII characters - for example, the domain 'аррӏе.com' actually includes a Cyrillic "а" rather than an ASCII "a". If you copy and paste this domain into your browser, you won't visit the Apple website as you might expect… (don't worry - this example is safe!) To combat this new threat we've released an 'Internationalised domains' category which contains any domains which include non-ASCII characters. For more information about Internationalised domains, take a look at this article by Xudong Zheng.

YouTube Restricted Mode: Moderate

Finally, a new content modification to help keep control of your users on YouTube. This new content modification allows you to enforce YouTube's moderate restricted mode across your entire network - helping to filter out potentially mature content. This content modification will sit alongside the existing 'YouTube Restricted Mode' category, which has now been renamed to 'YouTube Restricted Mode: Strict'.

What’s on the horizon?

That's all of our Categorisation related news for the time being, but fear not - the Categorisation team at Smoothwall are planning for a busy 2018 with plenty of updates to come. For the moment we're keeping things under wraps as we tune, tweak, and test some changes and new categories - so make sure to keep an eye on the Smoothwall blog for some exciting Categorisation news throughout the year.

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