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At Smoothwall we do more than just provide web filtering and internet security to schools, colleges and educational organisations across the globe, we care about the safety and well being of children everywhere.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with recognised safeguarding and online safety providers to bring you our new Online Safety Zone, a place where we can provide teachers, parents or carers and children up to date resources, expert advice, guidance and information on how to be smart and stay safe online.

  • Smoothwall – Cyber Security and Online Safety Guide This guide contains best practice information and advice on how to protect yourself from cyber risks and stay safe online. Download

  • NSPCC – Online Abuse and Bullying Prevention Guide This guide is suitable for professionals working with young people in England and Wales. Download

  • Smoothwall – Security Safety Tips Our top cyber security tips for protecting you and your data online. Download

  • Childnet International – Crossing The Line A practical PSHE toolkit for educators of young people primarily aged 11-14 years old, that allows them to discuss online behaviour and its consequences. Download

  • Smoothwall – Online Safety Tips Our top online safety tips for ensuring you know how to stay smart and safe online. Download

  • PSHE Association – Key principles of effective prevention education This report has been produced by the PSHE Association on behalf of CEOP Download

  • Smoothwall – Online Safety Tips for children and young people We share our top tips on how to stay safe online and what to do if you feel scared or worried. Download

  • STOP.THINK.CONNECT – Tips for Parents on Raising Privacy-Savvy Kids This document produced by STOP.THINK.CONNECT provides useful guidance on raising privacy-savvy kids. VISIT

  • UK Safer Internet Centre – Conversation Starters for Parents and Carers Empowering children to enjoy their time online is a role we can all play a part in. This document provides examples of some great conversation starters which you can use to keep your conversations on track and most importantly positive. Download

  • Department for Education – How social media is used to encourage travel to Syria and Iraq This briefing note is suitable for schools and teachers. Download

Online Safety Workshops

The message of online safety is of paramount importance with more and more children becoming active online everyday. Ensuring that children have the knowledge and power to confidently protect themselves online both in and out of the classroom is our mission, and something that needs to be supported by teachers, parents and caregivers alike.

Smoothwall’s online safety workshops are aimed at educating pupils and parents on the importance of online safety and offer practical advice on how to stay smart and be safe online in today’s society. Taking place in schools and colleges across the UK, our Online Safety Ambassadors deliver workshops suitable for audiences of all ages and can be tailored to suit individual requirements.

To find out more information or to request for an online safety workshop to be held in your school or college, please get in touch.

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