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Local Government

Supporting over 90 councils in the UK to meet their duty of care to corporate environments, education customers and public access schemes.

At Smoothwall we support councils to meet their duty to provide web security for their corporate environments, education customers and public access schemes.

As market leaders in the UK public sector, we pride ourselves on our ability to continually meet the needs of this complex and ever-changing marketplace, by engaging in direct strategic relationships with our customers and providing unrivalled support from our dedicated offices based in the UK.

Our market-leading dynamic content filtering currently covers more than 90 UK council networks and helps to secure children in more than 10,000 UK schools.

If you require firewall and security, our UTM range offers you the complete protection package, if you have an existing firewall, our SWG web filter integrates easily. As a truly scalable solution, we have products appropriate for all sizes of network.

Key Features

  • Granular Categorisation
    Allows the application of different filtering rulesets per user group, providing multiple levels of categorisation.
  • Full Multi-Tenancy
    Our multi-tenant technology allows hassle-free delegation of system administration and reporting to individual schools or business area.

  • Audit Level Reporting
    With full visibility of web activity on your network, you can provide information governance reports and any freedom of information requests, in real-time by using any of the 300 report templates.
  • Dynamic Content Analysis
    Identify and filter brand new web content in real-time long before URL blocklists, to prevent any unwanted material being viewed.
  • Digital Inclusion
    Supporting digital inclusion schemes by providing safe, simple and monitored web access, guaranteeing positive user experience.
  • Gateway Anti-Malware
    An option across our product range, our market-leading anti-malware solution powered by BitDefender will protect your network from web-borne malware attacks and includes HTTPS protection.


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Safeguarding in education

 Helping you and your schools meet your safeguarding obligations.


“Whilst we didn’t need support during the installation because there
wasn’t a single issue, as the project grew Smoothwall’s support
became a trusted friend.”

Warwickshire County Council

Flexibility for your corporate estates

Supporting acceptable usage policy without restricting access to key business functions.


“The support we have received from Smoothwall has been

second to none.”

Worcestershire County Council

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We understand that flexibility is key and with a variety of different deployment options available we’re confident we can help find a
solution to suit your individual needs.

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