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Supporting police forces to meet their duty of care to employees, public and offender rehabilitation.

Smoothwall Filter

Our pioneering web filter helps our police clients to adhere to their acceptable usage policy without restricting access to key business functions and services.

Smoothwall Filter allows you to review and control what employees see and do online.

Granular web filtering categories, dynamic content analysis, safeguarding functions and best of breed reporting combined with social media controls and BYOD functionality, give peace of mind when it comes to providing safe and secure web access to users.

Our anti-malware also provides protection against malware and ransomware threats. Smoothwall Filter is flexible and affordable and protects all sizes of network. It strikes the right balance between a positive user experience and reputational protection.


Our BYOD support means visitors can connect their device to the WiFi network and receive the same levels of filtering and protection without affecting bandwidth. You can apply web filtering to all staff members, as well as add granular categorisation and bandwidth control to ensure that business critical services are always available to those who need them.

Firewall and security

If you require firewall and security, our UTM solution offers you the complete protection package, if you have an existing firewall, our SWG web filter integrates easily. As a truly scalable solution, we have products appropriate for all sizes of network.


Smoothwall Monitor

Smoothwall Monitor is a digital monitoring and behaviour management solution. It is designed to support organisations in their responsibility to protect the public from online predatory and sexualised behaviour.

Smoothwall Monitor enables pro-active monitoring of offender’s digital devices. It can be used to monitor subjects under sexual grooming, terrorism, radicalisation and sexual harm prevention orders – without risk of circumvention.

How it works
It is installed on an offender’s digital device allowing police to track their digital activity 24/7. Any concerning information is stored in a secure remote console. Online and offline activity is monitored, including text entered or viewed during a session. 

For instance, if suspicious words are typed into chat or email, or correspondence containing them is received, a screen capture is taken. Another example is if an offender were to load an inappropriate filename or folder, the software would also make a capture of this.

Graded alerts are sent to the offender manager in real-time. The data capture process is entirely silent which makes it difficult for an offender to know when and how a capture is created, making it harder to subvert it.

Offenders’ privacy is unaffected as only inappropriate activity is captured. Evidence is held securely and can be checked remotely by the police in real-time.

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