Smoothwall Monitor

Helping public organisations to detect online risks before they become real-life incidents.

Smoothwall Monitor

Smoothwall Monitor is a real-time, digital monitoring solution that flags incidents as they happen. Monitoring both keystrokes and screen views, designated individuals are informed, through a variety of means, when users try to view or type harmful content.

In our self-service option can identify content that may indicate risk to an employee such as violence, suicide, radicalisation, criminal activity, or an inappropriate use of company resources.


Alternatively, in our managed service option, a team of human moderators will identify risks on your behalf, alerting you by email for low level risk or by phone for higher risks needing your immediate attention.

Early identification of a risk, means early intervention and improved outcomes for the individual and their organisation.

Key Features


Easy to install technology with remote set-up options and updates.

Auto Pre-Grading

Reduces false positives and improves administrative collaboration to minimise oversight.


Software can be securely accessed anywhere by administrators on any device.

Intuitive Interface

Incidents are displayed using highly visual heat maps and graphs allowing you to quickly review performance and view individual alerts.

Real-Time Monitoring

Keystrokes and on-screen content are auto-moderated and pre-graded in real-time allowing you to promptly identify and address issues of concern as they occur.


Flexible management to align with your school's digital safeguarding plans. User groups and specific terms can be easily modified to meet data security requirements.

Easy Reports and Alerts

Automatic reporting can make data retrieval fast and readily available. Alerts can be sent in real-time and can be varied by risk level.

Managed Service
(formerly Visigo)

A highly trained team monitors your alerts and notifies you of risks appropriate to their grade.

(formerly RADAR)

Manage your alerts in-house with our easy to use interface.

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