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Keeping children safe online is our mission

The onboarding of these online technical advances can, however, present its challenges, with schools facing a variety of legal, educational, technical and philosophical objections. Changes to government legislation such as Keeping Children Safe in Education outlines the importance of safeguarding, and the duty of care educational organisations have to ensure they protect their students and staff from any online threats and harmful content.

With different year groups and students varying in the ages of 11-16, we understand it can be difficult getting the right balance between providing internet access which protects against harmful content, but that still gives the freedom to work without limits. For secondary schools who also facilitate sixth form, the concern is no longer just keeping harmful content out of reach, but teaching and encouraging students not to be abusing the internet and exploring the darker side of the web.

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The leading developers of real-time content aware web filtering in the UK

Smoothwall’s granular control feature allows you to create and tailor a unique acceptable use policy, and set age-appropriate internet access based on each year group. This ensures you can provide the right amount of protection and freedom to all your users, without causing limitations to their academic learning.

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Protecting more than
 2.5 million students every day

"Smoothwall’s remote device filtering is a unique product, as far as I know no other filter works at home in the same way. It allows me to effectively control home Internet access, stopping users from installing programs and lowering the chances of picking up viruses from dodgy sites."

IT Manager, Lawnswood School

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