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Protecting Healthcare data with our 
end-to-end security solution

The UK Healthcare sector is constantly facing unique challenges when trying to ensure safe internet access for it’s users, including clinical and non-clinical staff, patients and visitors. Organisations need to be able to secure their environments whilst maintaining a satisfactory online experience for users wanting to freely browse the web.

Smoothwall for Healthcare

Currently protecting over 500,000 users, split across 37 trusts and 2 CSU’s, Smoothwall specialise in developing solutions for the healthcare sector. Our experts understand the challenges organisations face and our web filtering solutions are designed to provide a custom, safe and secure internet access which also has benefits for both patient rehabilitation and staff welfare.

If you require firewall and security, our UTM range offers you the complete protection package, if you have an existing firewall, our SWG web filter integrates easily. As a truly scalable solution, we have products appropriate for all sizes of network.

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Key Features

Our web filtering is favoured by the Healthcare sector because of its real-time content aware analysis which scans the contents of a page for unwanted material. We have over 120 filtering categories that can be used to tailor your patients web browsing experience to ensure that harmful content is out of reach. Combined with our safeguarding suite, guest WiFi capability and other features, we are confident we can provide a tailored solution which provides you with the web you want.

  • Granular Categorisation

    Allows the application of different filtering rulesets per user group, providing multiple levels of categorisation for clinical and non-clinical staff members based on the need to access sensitive data.

  • Application Control

    Our application control allows you to filter against particular mobile apps by identifying over 100 common application protocols and enabling you to allow or block them.

  • Safeguarding Reports

    Access reports on any online activity of staff and patients, which may have raised concern against any one of our 7 safeguarding categories, including suicide, substance abuse and radicalisation.

  • Bandwidth Management

    Make the most of your bandwidth with the ability to limit by policy, minimising the impact streaming media and filesharing can cause, without the need to fully block services.

  • Audit Level Reporting

    With full visibility of web activity on your network, schedule and access reports in real-time with over 300 report templates included across the Smoothwall range.

  • Guest WiFi Authentication

    Ensuring your patients and guests are authenticated provides safer and secure access to the web, which can even help support patient rehabilitation.

Corporate Network vs Guest Network


We understand the varying needs of the healthcare sector, and that you have a multitude of different users all requiring internet access for different purposes. Our BYOD support means users can connect their device to the WiFi network and receive the same levels of filtering and protection without affecting bandwidth.

Corporate Networks


Protecting your staff from the dangers of the web is critical. Clinical and non-clinical staff all have a requirement to be online, their needs can differ greatly in relation to the type of content being accessed and the speed in which information is delivered. Our corporate solution allows you to apply web filtering to all staff members, with the ability to add granular categorisation and bandwidth control to ensure that business critical services are always available to those who need it.

Guest Network


As the government continues to drive free guest WiFi into all of its NHS Healthcare organisations in the UK, we can help to ensure that internet access is provided but that it doesn’t interfere with your corporate network, and that there is no disruption to your bandwidth and the integrity of your data remains. The need to have everyone authenticated all the time is met with login pages, so that your reports are accurate per user.

"We looked at 7 or 8 other providers but Smoothwall’s multi domain support, robust report engine and sophisticated anti-malware scanning proved to be essential to our organisation’s requirements."

Head of Infrastructure Solutions, North East London CSU

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