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Safe, secure and cost-effective web security solutions for the UK Public Sector

At Smoothwall we take pride in developing technologies which provide users with the best possible web experience, whilst keeping them safe and on-task. Our web filtering solutions are best of breed and are designed purely around the needs of District Councils, Local Authorities, Charities and Blue Light services within the UK’s Public Sector.

Smoothwall for the Third Sector

As the web continues to evolve, effective control over web access in your organisation requires much more than simple URL blocklists in order to protect users against inappropriate and harmful online content. Smoothwall’s Dynamic Content Analysis technology allows you to filter web page content in real-time and combined with our Bitdefender Anti-Malware engine and HTTPS Decryption & Inspection, ensures you can provide safe, secure and monitored web access to users on your network.

If you require firewall and security, our UTM range offers you the complete protection package, if you have an existing firewall, our SWG web filter integrates easily. As a truly scalable solution, we have products appropriate for all sizes of network.

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Key Features

  • Real-Time Content Analysis

    Analyse the Content, Context and Construction of a web page and not just the URL. Open up access to social media and blogging sites, safe in the knowledge your users are protected.

  • Anti-Malware

    Consistently topping the league tables for accuracy, speed and detection rates, Bitdefender was the natural choice to secure Smoothwall solutions. Deployed at the gateway, our Anti-Malware engine scans all web and file traffic from all your users, whether they’re at their desk, on the road or at home.

  • Reporting Suite

    From a full usage history to who’s been spending too much time on social media, our reporting suite gives you full visibility of all online activity, as it happens. Management-friendly summaries, scheduled and custom reports are all included.

  • Guest Network Protection

    Flexible licensing packages and easily deployed policies means that extending protection to your guest networks is no hassle at all. Take the Walled Garden approach and allow only chosen sites, or let our content filter do the work for you.

  • Content Modifications

    Sometimes you may want to apply control to websites beyond simply blocking and allowing them. Apply read-only settings to social media channels, remove comment sections from across the web and even serve only Standard Definition videos and more. Team these with our Who/What/Where/When policy creation, for truly granular modifications.

  • Layer 7 Application

    Applications like Spotify, TOR, Skype and WhatsApp cannot be managed with a web filter alone. Application control (also known as Deep Packet Inspection, or Layer 7 Filtering) can identify over 100 common application protocols and puts you back in control of them.



We understand the challenges charities and NGO’s can face when trying to implement cost-effective web security solutions. Third Sector organisations shouldn’t have to compromise on their level of network security, which is why we will never offer a cut-down product, we simply just make best-of-breed technology easier to afford. With all the features you need to be able to manage web access, control bandwidth and monitor online user activity in one powerful solution, you can rest assured you are providing safe and reliable connectivity to your users.

Housing Associations


Smoothwall provides all the tools you need to help increase productivity, compliance and give you confidence in your network. UK specific content modification gives you the ability to apply controlled internet access to those who need it. Whether it be branch office staff, guests, or kiosk service users, you can ensure an acceptable usage policy is adhered to, without restricting access to key business functions. Our mobile filtering system also allows filtering policies to be applied to off-site devices in the same way as those on the same physical network, giving remote flexibility to users regardless of location.

"Smoothwall’s high level of support and continued development of the system has given us no reason to look at other providers."

Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Authority

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